Vent your frustrations!

Like everyone else, you need a safe place to vent your frustrations. If you're in a special needs family, or are coping with disability in any way, then chances are, then you've probably got more frustrations than most. Am I right?

Stressed Mom

Here's where you can get it all out. Believe me, we get it.

And we're listening.

You don't have to sign up, or even have to give your name, if that makes you uncomfortable. The important part is to just get it out. It can be a great way to relieve stress.

Or... Sometimes just knowing that others are going through a similar situation can put your mind at ease too.

Read what others have said, and add your comments too.

There are a couple of rules though...

This invitation to vent is meant to provide a safe place for people with disabilities, their caregivers and their supporters to let off some steam.

It is NOT the place to disparage people with special needs, or people who rely on financial assistance.

It's also a family-friendly site...

Submissions are moderated, so there is a short delay before publication.

Want to let off some steam?

Go ahead. Share what's bugging you.

What Other Visitors Have Said

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My special needs brother. 
I have a 22yr old special needs brother, for years he has wanted to move out of our mothers house, but hasn't been able to. Recently our mother has crossed …

special needs 

Washrooms are accessible - but the doors are not 
I get steamed every time I see a washroom with the blue disability access sign on the door but no way for a person in a wheelchair or scooter to open the …

Frustration station with medical system in my town 
specialist writes referral to another type of medical specialist then hands it to disabled patient & states here u go, now u can go find the right specialist …

ODSP file on hold because of not turning in income report. 
I received a letter yesterday stating that my file is on hold because I didn't turn in my income report for the month. My case worker and I have talked …

Speech therapy ADHD autism  
My son has ADHD and autism. he is extremely hyper and has no control over his ways . I have anxiety and agoraphobia with all the stress I go with my son. …

Ontario Works 
I have had and still am fighting for monies that I think should have been paid to me. I originally started out on Ontario Works very sick and unable to …

I'm so pissed off and some time i want to give up on trying to find out what my daughter of almost 7 has the dr are so frustrating and its like I'm supposed …

Does Stephen Harper have Asperger Syndrome? 
This is just rambling musing, but have you ever noticed that the most common descriptions about Stephen Harper also happen to be hallmarks of Aspergers? …

Ontario Works not enough to cover rent 
When I applied for OW.I found that the total amount of my entitlment would not cover even my rent. I was a nervous wreck. I had to fight to find out …

Questionable actions - ODSP rules and Enbridge payments 
You can not complain to anyone about ODSP rules. I've been getting a runaround with regards to direct payments to Enbridge Gas. They are taking out …

Payments from ODSP 
I was on ODSP years ago and have returned to it. I got lucky and was able to go under my first filing of years ago. I got a letter stating that I was …

How to report ODSP Fraud 
Elsewhere on this site, people have taken it upon themselves to write in about people they claim are committing fraud using ODSP. Now, here's the thing. …

Is there funding available  
In the past few years 20 yrs. I walked through my basement door and shattered my calcamis joint. The docters were concerned about my recovery and I was …

Invisible Disabilities 
I have 2 boys ages 9 and 11. My 9 year old has Autism and my 11 year old has ADHD and ODD. It is extremely frustrating that people look down on them …

Funding options? 
Hi! I have 8 year old twin boys with severe ADHD and ODD. My husband is currenlty at RCMP Depot in Regina, Saskatchewan. When you join the RCMP, they …

if only it could be... 
I have a social worker who has contacted a court clerk and made changes to my support order. This has been done without my consent or the courts permission. …

Poverty's Smoke And Mirrors Part 2 
Part One First an update: The Part One article went out to the main media and approximately 65 other print news media starting September 21 2008. …

Poverty's Smoke and Mirrors 
Regarding Premier McGinty recently suggesting that the publics expectations for a comprehensive plan for poverty reduction may have to be tempered as a …

Yess so true 
I applied for welfare while waiting for a pardon to start work as a PSW. I had saved some of the money I received from DTC for my son's disability and …

Ontario Works, ODSP  
This was sent to the Premier of Ontario Dalton McGuinty, the Minister of Community and Social Services Madeleine Meilleur, Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger …

Why are you charging family members fees when they have been nickle and dimed by the system enough? Ed. Note: In response to a fee for family members …

Ontario Works and ODSP  
WHO IS REALLY COMMITTING THE FRAUD AROUND HERE The general public has no idea what the system is really like. They think fraud is ramped in Ontario …

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