Questionable actions - ODSP rules and Enbridge payments

by Wally

Ontario Disability Support Program

Ontario Disability Support Program

You can not complain to anyone about ODSP rules. I've been getting a runaround with regards to direct payments to Enbridge Gas.

They are taking out $165 a month for hydro even when hydro is $25 and a $62.00 finacing charge. Where's the $78.00 gone? No one can tell me. The only explaination I have gotten is that Enbridge gives me an estimated bill, because the winter bills are more.

My highest winter bill is $115.00! I contacted managers, workers, my MPP, the Hamilton office, the Finacing company, the Ombisman for Hydro. No one knows or no one cares that this thievery is going on.

And I've pretty much exhausted all avenues to get an answer.The system does not care about anyone on ODSP. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and they screw you because they can!

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