Ontario Works

by Not given
(Midland, Ontario, Canada)

I have had and still am fighting for monies that I think should have been paid to me. I originally started out on Ontario Works very sick and unable to work.

I was dismissed from my employer as I was unable to perform my job requirements as a manager for the company.

At the same time I was applying for long term disability throught this company. The previous summer I was off work for about 8 months and was forced to apply for OW while waiting for my unemployment benifts to click in.

When I applied for OW in January of 2010 I advised my worker thatI was in the middle of a claim for LT disability through my previous employer. I provided her with scads of drs notes saying that I was no longer able to work because of my illness.

My worker did not advise me to even apply for ODSP. I was on OW from January until November until my doctor finally suggested it. ( After my long term disbality claim through my employer was denied because of preexsisting conditions).

If I had known that ODSP was available to me I would have applied back in January instead of waiting all those months.

Sometimes they just don't get it. I was even bookied for a group to make yourself more employable?

Even when I went to the office to discuss this and actually showed her my illness which made her gasp, still she did not recommend ODSP.

I am happy to say that my ODSP was granted with no appeals or anything but what about all those months that in my opinion I should have been receiving the higher rate of monies.

I am in the process of an appeal right now, the internal review was denied. I am not impressed with this worker (OW).

If you don't like your job or can't perform it properly...step aside! There are a lot of people out there looking for work!!

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