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bus pass denied
by: Anonymous

I live in London. I started a new job that is only going to be up to 24hrs a month. I requested a bus pass since I attend and participate in the methadone program and actively attend two NAA meetings weekly. Now with working I asked for a bus pass and was denied because she wants to see how much I make monthly. This obvious makes no sense because either I have money for travel to work or not to NAA meetings. I have explained all that to her and said I would have any paper work filled to show I go to these programs. What to do?

Be careful about what you study.
by: Ron Payne

Good luck and all the best. It's clear that you have what it takes.


Be careful about what you study.
by: Anonymous

I had a half finished Eng. Lit. degree at University of Toronto before I went on ODSP. I also had Marketing courses from Ryerson University and Copywriting Certification from George Brown College.

Before ODSP I was an Advertising Account Executive. My disability ended that.

I finished my University of Toronto Degree, course by course while working as a telemarketer. With the clawbacks that gave me just enough money to live EXTREMELY FRUGALLY in Toronto. For years I didn't have so much as a take out coffee. My clothing and household items came from Goodwill.

My completed degree is worthless. Despite endless attempts I am unable to get telephone work. My nerves are shattered and I want to go to live with my elderly father to try to get semi-functional again. I am not about to have a psychological breakdown, I have had one.

I have no idea how to get off ODSP without what? Reams of paperwork. Court-like cross examinations. What? What happens? What can they make me do. I can't do anymore. I have been fighting too long and too hard. There is nothing left in me.
I am already fighting suicidal thoughts constantly. I am 5'7' down to 110 pounds and falling. My Dad is letting me take food out of his cupboards and anything he has that is open.

I can't take anymore and I don't know where to get advice. I just want to be with my Dad and forget any of this ever happened. I just want to regain a modicum of happiness.

Maybe there's some chance I could heal myself if I could just rest.

Chose very very carefully. I am intelligent, resourceful, self disciplined and (normally) energetic.

If you chose well re-education could be the magic bullet. If not …this is what you have to look forward to. I am late middle aged. How do I start again?

I am thankful for what I have and what I have achieved. That's the only thing that gives me hope. The degree is like certification that I am entitled to some self respect.

Maybe it's worth more than I thought.


Note from Anna..

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Ontario Works, ODSP - how to handle suspensions
by: Ron Payne

Every time one gets suspended ask in writing for a thirty day extension to hand in the requested documents. They should release your monies at that time.


Ridiculous odsp rules cause problems
by: Anonymous

I've been on Ontario Works since the birth of my daughter. She's only 18 months. I am a single parent, and she has special needs that cannot be met by a daycare, otherwise I would be working. I would be doing anything at all but trying to deal with OW. I have a terminal hereditary disease I discovered while I was pregnant (meaning I passed it along to my daughter). I am also attempting to recover from depression and post postpartum and an anxiety disorder.

Even after those facts are taken into account, I have been "suspended" each and every month I have been on OW for "failure to provide information". They don't like that the government took a year to send CCTB. They don't like that my Identity was stolen and refuse to give them original copies of any identifying document (however have provided photocopies), they dislike that I do not know the father of my child and thus cannot get child support.

So, for 18 months, my rent HAS been late. I HAVE NEVER filled my anxiety and depression and terminal treatment medication prescription on time. I have received a utility disconnection letter every single month. I have to argue and fight at the beginning of every month for at least a week. I don't know how much longer I can do this. I've gone above my worker to her supervisor, who backs her up every single time. What else can I do?

Government workers who dont care
by: Anonymous

I always have a bus pass as I volunteer at two places. This month I did not get one. My worker is away for 2 weeks until April 9th.

I need to work over Easter weekend and all next week .I got the run around when I called. No one called back. It rang 26 times (front desk) the first time I called.

I was told to talk to her assistant. When it rang through she was not there another woman answered named Sandra. I told her about not getting the pass and I need it (today is Thursday before the good Friday and this was around 3:00 pm).

First she laughed! (she was french). Then she said that I'm probably not entitled to a bus pass after 3 months.

Then she SUGGESTED I USE MY FOOD MONIES FOR BUS TICKETS and I said oh you mean my Easter dinner, she paused and then I proceeded to say because the money you guys give only lasts 5 days!

Then I proceeded to tell her I probably work harder than some govt workers and she said YOU BETTER WATCH IT...

(I was being treated just amazing for 3 months til now by my worker but my worker is away) then she said to leave a voice mail on my workers line and an asst would check into it (thing is I know they are dead and not busy there its 1 hour before a long weekend and people just got their cheques today!).......

So then my bf called he was mad. He is also my boss at the volunteer job. He said he wanted to speak to my supervisor. he said she needs her bus pass as she has to work all next week. She can't wait until her workers gets back!

Then at the same time my cell rang, it was a blocked number- the lady was nervous. she said my cheque for bus pass will be deposited Tuesday morning (1 day late!). she sounded nervous.

She said someone had 'left me a message" and I said I didn't get any message to my phone..........

I was very angry at how this woman could be so cruel at Easter a time that is religious and holy and tell me to use my Easter food money for bus tickets when I'm away from all my family and alone in Ottawa.

Its just pure evil how can they get away with the meantime I'm recording the calls .............

I've already applied for ODSP
by: Anonymous

I have already applied for ODSP. I am suffering from something that you can't see! Severe chronic migraines, that are disabling me to live a normal life. My life sucks, I'm living like a half of a normal life! In fact, I don't have a normal life. I have left so many jobs due to severe migraines.

My suffering is a disability which causes not only pain to myself, but to other family members and friends. It's like now I am giving up, because I can't make plans anymore.

I have a husband who has a business, but he is going down really fast in the business, he owes his suppliers $15,000. so I hear from my boys who have worked for him for 15 years.

Yes we have a house together, but there is no equity in the house as in the past we have borrowed money for equipment, ha back in the day, now the equipment is old, not worth anything.

My husband has lost big accounts, like BMW etc. so a big loss! Anyway I don't know how to explain this anymore! Can anyone help or make suggestions?

Regards, Annie ... so what do I do? Pleas help me! I doubt anyone can help, hey but you never know!


Editor's Note:
I'm not sure whether migraines will qualify for ODSP or not, but...

I did want to make another type of suggestion for you..

Clearly you want to work, but because of the unpredictability and severity of your migraines, you can't work in a "regular" job.

So, my suggestion is to create your own "irregular" work schedule by creating your own work from home business.

In that way, you work when you can, on YOUR schedule, but your product - the content of your website - is available 24 / 7 to potential clients.

Having researched a lot, and having experienced excellent service and product features, I can recommend this home-based business approach.

Please note that there is no "get rich quick" process, there is still work involved in building an online business, just as there is an offline business. The difference is that you can set your own work hours and still have a business.

Since your husband already has a business, you may want to use a website to promote his local business in an effective way, for a very small upfront investment, and his time.

Or he could have the work done for him by a company that really knows what it's doing - and many don't!

How will you know?

Ask for proof, like this:

Look at the case studies on that page for ideas.

Good luck!

Total Incompetence in government benefit rules creates additional stress
by: Suzanne

I've been on ODSP for years now; I was accepted the first try, so needless to say, I DO have a disability.
I tried to work, but left and claimed EI for medical reasons, which were validated.

My EI finished Dec. 18th, and I sent my "worker" all the papers saying so. She cut me off, saying I needed a letter FROM the government specifically stating I cannot receive anymore funds, because the letter I gave her mentioned that I could POSSIBLE be eligible for more benefits, to contact that number.

When I tried to argue that I had obviously not called that number yet, so I hadn't even applied to ANY funds, if I were even qualified! She didn't care, so I had to call EI, and ask them to PLEASE send me ANYTHING that says whether or not I qualify for more benefits.....I had the letter in two days, saying I do NOT qualify for any more funds.

She then "fixed" it, sending me arrears.

Then, today, I called IVR, and it said I'm getting the exact same thing as I got in November, while I was still on EI...$22.66.
Again, I haven't been on EI since Dec. 18th, and she has the letter saying so, plus a letter from my doctor stating I'm not able to work indefinately, but she still messed things up.

When I called and left several messages for her SUPERVISOR, her supervisor never returned ONE of my calls, instead, I got a call back from my worker, giving me heck for calling her supervisor!!!

Oh, did I mention my ODSP worker flat out told me it's not her job to know why I'm even on, ODSP?

I have anxiety/panic issues, I'm bipolar manic depressive, and needless to say, all this incompetence is stressing me completely, causing all kinds of anxiety, and severe constant panic attacks.

I've used more anti-anxiety meds in the last month, than in the last 6 months!!!

This is completely pathetic. You'd think I wanted her to pay me money out of her own damn pocket!!!

Last month, she didn't allow me anything....I was supposed to get my cheque like everyone else, on Dec. 21st.......for the first time since I started ODSP many years ago, I literally got nothing....not even $20, I kid you not. I didn't get my arrears until Jan. 4th.

I was so freaked out before Jan 4th, that I came close to taking my own life, cause I thought I was going to lose everything.

Now, I have NO idea what's going to happen again, and I'm so sick of this yo-yo'ing! I can't handle it, but they don't care!! To them, I'm just a number; a pain in the ass. :( I wish they would know that if I had the choice, I wouldn't BE on ODSP!!!

And like I said, most people get refused the first time they apply for ODSP, that's why the application comes with an appeal package........I was accepted the first try. I AM DISABLED!!!

Shakes his head
by: Anonymous

I am on ODSP and CPP disability and i can not believe how much people complain on here. Be thank ful you get something most countries give their disable or people who refuse to work nothing.

As for get ow and child support at the same time. Do you think thats fair? If your kids are school age get off your asses and go to work.

Where you from
by: Granny

Great intake worker, lousy caseworker. Two weeks before she did my paperwork. Told me I had a funny accent where was I from. I was born in Canada I said and you... after that she got really nasty. Held up help and lied about sending a cheque same old story I guess. First time I have ever had to get help worked all my life and paid taxes and being told I am useless, can't apply for most things others seem to get on a plate, heart breaking, depressing and I am sure many people are driven insane or worse actions because they are treated inhumanely by those who abuse in the name of the Government. Older generation put billions into taxes and pensions and first to get screwed over when asking for help. I am writing my MP over and over again now... something has to be done about being treated in this manner.

feeling alone and treated unfairly by tribunal
by: Anonymous

I am fighting my ow thru the tribunal right now so, I am totally upset with whole process every time they ask you for documents you provide and then they ask for more. My worker out and out right lied to me he told me even though his signature is on the paperwork does not mean he suspended my file or knows what is going on. Even the appeal to the tribunal is lies words I never said. I even asked for a new worker because my worker lies and twist words I say does not take action for his signature. Not happened yet. These people do not care if u live or die... It is like the pay comes right from the workers pocket .. even the manager states there appeal misses information you submit so it looks better for them . I was told to move and get another address before I cud apply again..n yep no income to move or eat cuz off on medical. But it ok... U have no rights when ur on this system

Ontario Works Confidentiality Agreement, My Ass...
by: Anonymous

In 2009 my daughter and I were placed in a shelter by the police to get away from an abusive marriage. Having never been in a shelter before, we were introduced to the Catholic Children's Aid Society and Ontario Works.

It seems that during my separation from this man in 2007-2008, because of my financial situation, I had to go on Ontario Works during this time. And in this time, my ex was in a relationship with an Ontario Works worker who was feeding him information about me...right down to how much money I was receiving on OW at that time. How do I know this? He told me...and not only that, but I knew first hand that he was involved with this woman. He could tell me information that no one else knew, but Ontario Works was privy to.

In 2009 when my daughter were introduced to Ontario Works again because of our shelter situation. At that time, I told the worker involved that I was nervous because I was afraid this same woman would divulge information about me again. Ontario Works gave my daughter and I different names, different birth dates and were told that only the supervisor at the time would have our file under lock and key in her desk...while they investigated. They even wanted to help my daughter and myself move out of the country, to live with my sister.

Now I realize it was only to sweep the whole situation under the rug. I learned that they passed around another confidentiality agreement to all workers to sign again, although their practice is to do this once a year. And that was all they did. When I would call them back to find out what if anything happened to this woman who was divulging confidential information to my abusive ex, they ignored my calls and treated me like vermin.

Why am I writing this? Because I believe that no system is perfect...and I just wanted to get it out there that your information is never safe. Confidentiality Agreements mean nothing to a woman who puts her heart first and her career second.

Just a warning to anyone out there reading this.

ODSP-dishonesty and took thousands from me..I would be in jail if I did it
by: Lisa Murphy

I now go through extream anxiety if I have to call them. No matter what, I would be belittled, cut off, or threatened.

I have been given over-payments equaling thousands, and when I (I have a head injury not afraid to admit it)disagreed, was denied again and told that there was nothing else I could do about it the decision was final. was told that was tribunal decision(no it wasn't) I recieve letters stating they requested"*****"exactly and given over payment of 3200.00. It stuck too.

I paid it always asking. I was cut off for moving out of my house b/c I was so depressed I was suicidal and told to move closer to dr.

Rented my house out for afew months and terminated. some1 transfered file anyway, Not allowed to own a house and not live in it. Told I was just a welfare reciepient.

When I moved back to my house afew months later, was threatened to be charged with fraud, b/c I wouldn't answer questions about my astrane husband.

My MSN was denied, I had to goto 2 phyic dr appt a day and NA where none was. Got so bad my dr who help me live, said if I died he was holding her worker told me what to do b4 I had to go back to hell.

I was going to die from constant abuse and fighting for benefits, or hunger and cold.What can I do?? She is now gone. I wrote about this in my tribunal report.Is this human rights??I just want my 15,000 they double dipped from me.

Rude treatment from ODSP worker
by: Anonymous

I remember one time,i had to set up a appt to apply for O.W,the women behind the desk,for sum reason,was snippy and rude to me,like she didn't like me,I even stated bck at her,why are u talking down to me,seriously u think i wanna be here,She was straight up RUDE..I felt like crap

Ontario works and child support
by: brittany Patchett

I agree with the comment below about child suport. I have an court order for my first daughter. But yet i get nothing cause ow gets it. I think thats so unfair cause really what does ow give me Rent and basic needs for myself. I get nothing at all for my kids which is bullshit to me cause they need to eat. Gov money like gst isnt tooken off my checks so why is my child tax credit all i get for my kids?? They need clothes more than i do. Any one with kids know they grow like bad weeds What about when they go from a crib to a bed ow doesnt help. Dont forget school ITS NOT ENOUGH child suport should be the same as child tax and be giving to the parent cause we get nothing for our kids on ow

Horrible treatment by workers is allowed!
by: Anonymous

The goverment allows it! It will never stop! We need goverment that works not only for the rich but for the poor also!

There is a huge profit to be made from the poor! We (the poor) are job creators for many highly individuals.

We will all someday stand before the same God and give a full account for our every thought, word and action! They laugh for now only!!!

Child Support and ODSP
by: Anonymous

i have a two year old daughter, whom i have raised on my own. Her dad was ordered to pay child support back in september 2010.

He finally made a payment last month after two and a half years of NOTHING, and Ontario Works says I am entitled to nothing.

Well, then what was the point in going for child support in the first friggen place?

I agree - ODSP workers need better training
by: Anonymous

I don't know how many times I've had problems with ODSP workers and them providing me with the wrong information.

On several occasions they refuse to give a direct answer to my questions when they finally do give an answer it would be incorrect.

I would find out later they were wrong and in some cases be held responsible for their mistake which I find very unfair. It seems to always end up being your word against theirs on the information you've received from them.

And I agree they don't provide information on what your entitled to while on ODSP. I believe something should be done to fix this ongoing problem.

Being screwed by my odsp worker
by: John F

My family, my wife and 2 small children ages 2 & 3, live in Brantford, Ont. in a small war time cottage which we own. In our home we have a "part" basement. which means we have a pad for our furance, and water heater, and the rest is dirt. also it is only about 4 feet high. Needless to say we hardly ever go down there.

About 2 weeks ago we noticed that the floor between our kitchen and living room was sinking. I went through the small opening into our basement and found that ALL the wooden polls that once held up our floor joists were either laying in the dirt, or had fallen over enough that they were no longer touching the joists. NOT GOOD NEWS!!!!!

I called my "wonderful" odsp worker and explained what I had found. She told me to get a couple of estamates and send them into her for the repair. I was only able to get 1 company to give me this. They also provided a letter, at my workers request, stating how bad the damage was, and how important it was to make the repairs ASAP. Every other company I called refused to go into my basement until I had all the dirt removed.

Added note, the person that came from the 1 company that did go into our basement became ill after being in our basement for 30 minutes, this was due to the dirt, and lasted for 2 weeks.

I gave what I had to my worker. I also did some research into the odsp act and sent the following information along with the letter and estimate:

  • The repair must be necessary in order to permit the home to continue to be used as a primary residence for the benefit unit.

  • To provide assistance for necessary home repairs that enable members of the benefit unit to safely reside in their home.

  • Repairs will be considered if: the recipient could be forced to vacate the premises if these repairs are completed; there ia a risk to the health or well-being of a member of the benefit unit; and/or extensive damage will result to the home if the repairs are not undertaken immediately.

Needless to say the repairs my home require fall into each of the above.

The following ia a part of the letter attached to the estimate:
The main floor of the home is sagging, the walls are cracking, doors and windows are inoperable as a result.

After giving all this information to my worker I was told by her that my request for repairs have been denied!

She stated that she didn't feel the repairs required were a "home repair". THEN WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY?

However, she went on to tell me that I need to appeal this as soon as I get the letter stating I have been denied. I should mark 'urgent" on my appeal in hopes that it will be addressed quickly by SOMEONE ELSE in the same office!

Am I the only one who finds this VERY fishy?

Did my worker not just tell me, "between the lines" that she didn't want to aprove my repairs but she feels someone else in the office will??

If so her actions have put my family in danger, undue danger. Would that not be an act of bad faith?

Going after your ODSP worker
by: H. Peter Klobes

Everybody listen up!!!!

Whenever ODSP $crew$ you around contact your local
MPP and have their office go after ODSP. I do it and
it works all the time.


by: Anonymous


abuse by Ontario Works
by: Anonymous

I was subjected to what I feel was abuse by the OW office workers.

I fully qualified, but the amount won't pay my rent, much less groceries or other bills.

I had a disability that made mobility painful and they forgot to tell me that they could come to me.

I had to put off life saving surgery to accommodate their schedule.

Between the Provincial government cutbacks and the OW directives, people are literally dying as an aquaintance did two weeks ago.

I think it's time people woke up and publically protested the "make work" projects that are the root causes of the problem.

sons' ODSP case worker
by: Anonymous

I am so tired I don't know what to do. My son is delayed an cannot do any running aroung paper work ect. So i am his guardian. His first worker was so nice and helpful. He needed to go down south of ontario to se a specialist and she help with a day.

His now new worker has been giving me a hard time about this paper, that paper and then because she knows it is the long weekend and we need to leave for the south on the Tuesday she won't give us the money in his account until 4:30 Friday.

What happens if she does not do it? That means she has all the power to make things difficult she won't even tell me the amount we are entitled to.
What do you do with a case worker like that

ODSP; Different Region, different hoops
by: Anonymous

My major problem with ODSP is that different regions have different hoops to go through. I am an amputee living in mid-western Ontario and my prosthetic care is done in London. Both under different regions.

Trying to get approval often requires contacting different offices within the Misistry of Community and Social Services (ODSP and OW). The offices in my region do not seem inclined to contact each other; but would rather make you do the leg work.

And trying to find what ODSP does and does not cover is another nightmare. In my opinion Ontario Works; doesn't.

good ODSP service,on the whole
by: Anonymous

I have had good service from my ODSP woker on most counts,the one that I needed the most help was a rather hard sell.

I had had two strokes while visiting my father,I landed in hospital about 6 hours from my home. The doctors said I was in no shape to return other than by air.

My wife called the ODSP offices and was told to drive down and pick me up (was not the worker I used most time)My normal worker was at last contected and she came through as always,I was flown back to my home town.

I had reason to contact ODSP once again and I asked for this case worker and told that you take who you get. I'm not one to back off and later repeated calls was put through to my caseworker who is to soon retire,she again went to bat for me.

As far as ODSP on the whole,I think it would have been better for them (cheaper) had I died. The bad workers are many, the good ones are very few.

past ODSP worker gives advice
by: Anonymous

Let me tell you, from having worked behind the scenes at the ODSP office- Many of their workers are jaded and prejudice. I left because I couldn't stand the terminology used to refer to clients and the racist remarks made by some workers. A serious Values clash and when I tried to say something about it- I ended up with a huge target on my back!!

I truly enjoyed my job and enjoyed my clients- I returned my phone calls and tried to maximize benefits. I found the loop-holes and helped clients gain access... I can't say the same for my previous colleagues.

Do not let anyone dehumanize you- do not let them refuse to pay for glasses/ contact lenses! Yes! Lenses! Their directives are posted online, Google the terms "OW Directives" or "ODSP Directives" and you will be able to check your own entitlements and create requests while making reference to the exact directive. This way your request can't be refused. Go to managers @ ODSP! Don't be afraid!

Your community start up is available MORE than 1x/12months- it's called an "exceptional circumstance CSUMB". They can hassle you and give you a hard time- but when I was ODSP (2009) new directives came through indicating we could NOT refuse an expceptional circumstance request! Access your benefits to the maximum!!

Don't EVER let a worker QUESTION your disability- we don't have access to that info. believe it or not- unless you have a physical disability requiring accomodation, so your disability is YOUR SECRET from your worker! YOU DON'T HAVE TO DISCLOSE! It's on a file somewhere- just not accessible to your worker. You passed all of the required tests to be considered disabled enough to be on the system- don't let a worker question you about it!!

Workers treating people different
by: Anonymous

I completely agree that if workers don't like you they will do exactly as you had described. I remember being 16 yes old and had no home to go to and no job yet. I needed to rely on gwa to survive. Other ppl would tell me about all beset benefits but my worker just treated me badly or told me I was ineligable for things or plain ignored me. When I got q new worker things were definately much different. I do agree that nowadays workers are much more aware of benefits etc and I don't hear about differential treatment nowadays

Ontario Works
by: Donna Simoncini

I completely agree with Ron`s comments! I am against any type of exploitation of the vulnerable who find themselves under the thumb of a RUTHLESS, POWER HUNGRY system.

Great system how ever!
by: Anonymous

Well let me say the poor are always getting ripped off, even for benifits, they get ripped off by a 3 tier system, under the table and over the table and by labor contract.

We the poor are subjected to poverty, and labor exploits, even by the big corporations, these powers know only money and every way to steal it from the poor, from the system as a whole, and no one can do anything about it!

Now lets talk health care - billions are sucked out in a blink of an eye, and they get richer by the minute, and what do we the poor get more taxes, bull education systems, and general welfare healthcare who really dont care they just want to see how many pills you will subject yourself too, and you lose, and then you lose your life to some mix of toxic drugs, generic.

Hummm, what else can we subject the poor to, high interest rates, high gas rates, high food prices, high labour healthcare costs, milk it milk it, we really love North America, suck them for all their worth, humm what are you gonna do, protest, how about take legal action, humm, municipal corporate scheme's!

About blood pressure monitors and the rules of ODSP
by: Anonymous

I have uncontrolled blood pressure and was told by specialist to get the 24 hr blood pressure monitor which was a cost of $65. I was also advised that if they did not get a 24 hr cancellation notice then i would still have to pay the fee.

I sent in numerous requests to the ODSP worker and finally the day I was driving into the driveway of the specialist I was called on the cell phone to say it was not covered. This meant i would still be responsible for paying the fee whether or not i got the monitor.

I have always been told by Ont. Works and OPSP not to miss appts and to always return their calls immediately so why dont they have to return the same service back to their clients?

ODSP failure to provide eye glasses!
by: Anonymous

Every year I have to bang my head on the walls just to get my husband's and 2 son's eye glasses approved by ODSP.

Every year I send in the prescriptions and written cost estamites from the eye glass company telling exactly how much they will cost and every year O.D.S.P fills out the form incorrectly.

They know they have to put the total cost they are covering for the them to be covered but they always just put frames and lenses as prescribed! Thats WRONG!

No company will deal with welfare or o.d.s.p. recipiants anymore because they refuse to pay the full cost of the glasses.

So how am I suppose to pay the full price of the glasses for 3 people totalling 1,000 per year?

Ontario Works/ ODSP
by: Anonymous

New links for the Ontario Works / ODSP policy directives.

Ontario Works (OW)

Ontario Disability Support Program ODSP Income Support Policy Directives
ODSP Employment Supports Policy Directives

Ron Payne
Welfare Legal
Hamilton, Ontario
Email welfarelegal2004(at)hotmail(dot)com

Ontario needs / ODSP
by: Gail

I totally agree with Ron on this, you can ask three different workers and get 3 different answers and three different personal responces.

I find that my worker makes me go through too much collecting of doctors signatures to get what I need.

Disabled people by the very definition of a disability have enough anxiety in their lives without having to jump through hoops for a simple request.

Going to 2 or 3 different Doctors to get the help one needs has to be costing the province way more than it needs to. Are we really that untrustworthy?

I'm tired of being held up and usually give up, which I'm sure is exactly what they want.

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Back Zip Jumpsuits / Pajamas 

Back Zipper Pajamas for Children - Polar Fleece

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Teaching Students with Special Needs in Inclusive Settings, Fifth Canadian Edition

Skylanders Superchargers Light It Up Blue Autism Speaks Special Edition