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by: Anonymous

my son has fas im odsp my spouse has rspp he's 74 can i put into mine


I'd LIKE TO SEE THE MAYOR OR FURTHER .i live in odsp for 37 yrs . ive had hard life im lucky to be alive my puppy is my therapy dog ptsd so how do i claim her on taxes joke

i'm going back to school evenings to get my course psw at college have add but very smart lady ,.i'm suing odsp cut back very rude to ppl don't listen

taxi driver
by: Anonymous

I read that you said they cut you off because someone called because you were driving taxi, you just admitted you drove for a friend a few times but did it as favor, you just proved that you can drive taxi because you did it, so my question is why you on ODSP.That just proved you can work.I smell a scam here.

Note from Anna: what a lot of people don't realize is that ODSP at a reduced amount can also be a boost for people that can work a little, but not enough to support themselves fully. It's not just for people that can't work at all.

Why being on ODSP my self my disability kids don't get help
by: Jennifer

Being on ODSP my self my disabled kids are not getting the help that need. I can't find help. My disabled family lives on $1600. After I pay $540 for hydro and $500 in low income. U can see not much to live on. I feel like a 3 rate citizen In on in the country we were born in. So why do we get no help? Why can't we go after the Dr's and people that make us this way?

Prices of food
by: Anonymous

Was at the store today and i wanted to buy some veggies and fruit .. I cant prices are so high and meat is also to high . I live on $800 a month . Pay your bills or you are out on the street . So leaves nothing much for food for a month . I worked all my life and now cant and this is what i get .. I,m not happy . Us on ODSP need to get the cost of living not a 1% raise on our cheque.

ODSP Investigation so no money
by: Anonymous

I went to the bank in september and their was no money so I called the office for ODSP and they said they took all the money and the Canada Pension Disability money becuase somebody told them I was working at the taxi stand. I keep calling them and all they say is they are still looking into it. I dont have a taxi liscence and I only drove a few times to help out a buddy and I didnt get no money from this. My rent is 3 months behind now and I dont pay my hydro or gas or phone because I still have no money. Worse is that I cant get my meds without a drug card/paper. I am getting an apppointment with a doctor to do a knee replacement and another to fix my nose so I can breath but now I cant go because I cant pay for a way to get there. My knee is all puffed up and I am in pain 24 hours per day and I have no pain pills and I cant pee because I need pills for my prostate. Im 57 and cant work and cant get my CPP til I get to 60. Every time I call the office for ODSP they say dont call us anymore but I am going to get kicked out of my house if I dont pay rent. I dont know what to do and my ex cant pay for me because she is on ODSP too and she payed my hydro so they dont cut me off. A buddy told me maybe the police will come and charge me for no saying I drove taxi but I never got money from that. No one will tell me how long they take for a investigation or how I pay for stuff in the mean time.

ODSP but don't look it.
by: Anonymous

I am on ODSP for some decades now, never had any children as we couldn't afford them, drive a 1986 vehicle (when it runs)pay a fortune in heat and hydro and live in a town where there is no cheap places to live. Initially, my claim was granted on a mental basis. I had been working until my doctor found out the I was actually trying to "have an accident" while driving for my work. I got fast-tracked to ODSP but had a lot of previous medical statements from various psychiatrists. So while I look capable of working, either I or the person I work for would be in hospital in little time.
Not all disabled people present as being disabled all the time. We don't all sit in wheelchairs or walk with difficulty. Recently an MRI showed that my spine, hip and arm joints are all deteriorating. I have a handicap parking permit. I don't use a cane because I can't hold onto one. I try not to limp because that puts strain on other parts of my body. If I am driving, I am on minimal pain pills, if someone else has driven me, I am pretty drugged up. BUT I might still look "normal". I would never try and judge for myself whether someone should or shouldn't be on ODSP. There are, no doubt, some people who don't deserve to be on ODSP but it is sometimes really hard to tell who is who.

Ignorant people
by: Anonymous

Disabled people shouldn't drive well I'm disabled and drive I have M.S that has never affected my eye sight. So because I have M.S I shouldn't drive? What a completely ignorant comment to make.

I am currently applying for works after having to give up my job due to ms and having relapse after relapse. I ask do have my high school and two college diplomas and I'm applying for works not due to trying to fraud the system or being lazy I much prefer earning a paycheque. By the way I am going to apply to ODSP but will continue to work on the record when I can. I'm not being penalized or judged because some people take advantage of the system. If I can't work I would volunteer to help, i have worked and contributed and I'll be damned if someone who has never suffered a disability is going to tell me if I can drive or not. Not all disabilities are the same not all MS is the same mental or physical any disability sucks. So until your in a position where you're disabled please refrain from making comments that because someone receives disability they shouldn't drive.

to everyone
by: Anonymous

I was a certified caregiver for a long time for a lot of client that needs help mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. I personaly admire them from striving hard to make their life to the fullest. Sad to say, although they tried hard but they need assistance not only from the government but also from us. And to help them as a citizen, is to encourage them to fight by letting them feel that we care and concern.

I, myself, just hurt my wrist and couldn't be able to go back to my normal work but I cannot imagine myself to be like you as I have a little baby nephew and my 8 year old. I know, there are some people, instead of helping they put you down and feeling you helpless. Please just ignore them, they don't know how we feel, just keep fighting...think about, one will come back to your normal old way. God never leaves us and He knows what is going on...

Thanks for reading.


the workers think ..they pay you them selfLol
by: Anonymous


Ontario Works not giving rent money - now owing back rent
by: Anonymous

I have someone renting a room from me $350.00 per month food heat hydro inc.

Rent has not been paid since Nov 2012 she has told me they ow is not giving her rent money I can't keep supporting her this was a temporary thing I can't put her out on the street she is still in school.

What can I do?

by: Anonymous

I was in a motor vehicle accident in 1978 while on the job. I was a 20 yr old apprentice A/C Refrigeration Worker and went to college so I could earn a good living and have a future.

After my accident, I was told by WSIB that I didn't qualify for benefits for whatever reason. (I was never really given a reason) I was just denied over and over again in the hope that I would "give up" and go away.

I was forced to go on Welfare (now O.W.) because I had no source of income and couldn't work. I had to jump through the "welfare hoops" just to get enough money to eat.

I was finally referred to ODSP and again forced to jump through hoops just to get enough money to live a meager life.

My children didn't go to university because I couldn't afford to send them. The powers that be at ODSP are constantly looking over my shoulder.

Sending letters to advise me I've been overpaid a few dollars (postage to inform me of these "overpayments" outweigh the overpayments themselves.

Whenever they feel like harassing me, I'm required to go to the ODSP offices for an "interview" / inquisition, to see if I still qualify for benefits.

They comb through bank records and every aspect of my life. "We" are scrutinized more than SEX OFFENDERS are.

"They" don't have to submit bank records or justify where they spend their time. After much legal wrangling and meetings with the Board, I finally received a judgement from WSIB.

Pennies on the dollar that I would have earned had I not had that "accident". In their wisdom, a large portion of that judgement was "offered" to and obviously accepted by O.W. even though the "Workplace Safety and INSURANCE Board" said in the report that I was deserving of the funds.

In other words, I had to pay back Ontario Works because the settlement was considered "income". I now receive just under $1000. from WSIB each month and allowed to keep just over $200. of that money because I have a huge "overpayment" with ODSP from monies received over the years.

I realize that there are people who take advantage of the system and shouldn't be on assistance because they are able to work.

A lot of those people have done extensive research on how to beat that system but, I'm not one of them.

I do live in Canada, not a third world country and not a communist country yet, I've been living well below the poverty line all my life. No fault of my own. If I'm out of line then please let me know.

try it
by: Anonymous

A lot of people here like to talk #$&@. But someone on ow has to live on 565$ a month.

Try it.

Try getting ahead when every day is a struggle.

Living on under 600$ means you have to live in a crappy place in a crappy neighborhood because its the only place you can get so you still have enough money for food and toilet paper for the month

Get a Job
by: Anonymous

I am a 60 year woman who has worked for the past 40 years. I have never collected Welfare, ODSP, or Unemployment Insurance. I put myself through University and got decent job, but then had to pay back throusands in students loans, while paying huge taxes. I CHOSE not to have children when I was younger, because I did not feel I could give them a stable home. My husband and I are now coming up for retirement and after 40 years of work, we are going to have to be frugal. I don't have a lot of sympathy for adults who knowlingly choose to have children when they can not afford to (I see teen teens on social assisance pushing baby carriages everywhere). If someone is disabled - then, of course, the social welfare system should provide a basic standard of living. And, I don't agree the that the current rates of ODSP or OW are enough for the people who truly need them. But...... as someone who works in social services, there are a TON of people collecting social assistance who ARE capable of working, but are not prepared to accept a minimum wage job. Some of these same people were also too lazy to get their secondary diploma or try to get some other training. I am tired of paying taxes for these people, but feel sorry for the truly disable people are tarred by this same brush because of these fakers. My bones are getting creaky and it's not easy getting up on the morning and watching the single mom across the street have coffee and a smoke on her porch, while I catch the bus to work.


Editor's Note:

It can be hard to empathize with others when you have never had their experience(s).

You may want to have a chat with some of the people you disparage and find out more about their life and conditions.

You may also talk to employers and ask them why they don't hire people with disabilities.

You may also want to take a good look at every building you enter, and determine whether someone in a wheelchair could get in, go in the elevator, use the bathroom, etc.

If you really want to inform yourself, rent a wheelchair and try to live a few days of your normal life without getting out of it.

Your opinion is likely to change.

I Understand Everyone's Concerns about ODSP fraud
by: Veronica

I agree with what everyone here is saying. I am not on ODSP but I know people who are and some people who should be but the government refuses them every time they apply. It is sad to know that the a lot of people are misinformed about what goes on with OW and ODSP. I feel for all of you and any reader that is agreeing with this.

its the bad apples that spoil it for all
by: Anonymous

I personally know of a person who was on Ontario works for a few years while trying to get ODSP, got it with back pay for 2+ YRS. She has 2 under the table businesses, and does odd jobs for 2 other people. When she goes near the ministry she has canes, arm and knee braces. These are no where to be found when she is out with her 15 horses mending fences, training and having fun. I have reported and reported this individual and nothing. I am a hard working tax paying person and this just Sucks!

by: Anonymous

I have had several bad costly experiences renting to ODSP and WELFARE clients. These were professional tenants that knew how and when and for how much to screw me as a small landlord. I nearly lost my home as a result. As ODSP and WELFARE clients they are not responsible for anything...and will tell you up can't get blood from a stone....and funny.... there is always money for drugs, booze, computers... but not for rent, or damages.... and with the Landlord and Tenant Board on the tenants side.... I had to mediate a deal with a Lawyer and the ODSP/WELFARE client...for more free rent just to get an eviction....and pray they didn't continue with the damage... and they even knew to ask for a gag clause so I could not report them to ODSP or WELFARE.... and yet they were not able to work....??!!

ontario works and child support
by: Anonymous

this fraud crap is insulting, there's many single mothers and fathers out the trying to do there best and yes may be on assistance but not for fun to help make sure there children have what they need! When ur on the system u have no chance of getting ahead cause everything including support payments are garnished now how is that called SUPPoRT when its not really making a difference at all, its being taken off your entitlement anyways, this is absurd! Ow is not my choice its cause we have to survive fulltime jobs aren't easy to come by anymore! Unreal that any little bit we could have extra for our children is taken from them

To Mike Hyde
by: Anonymous

Oh my god!

I totally understand what you mean! that explains me perfectly. I can`t even walk into the grocery store either.

every time i walk out of my house i feel like i need to run back inside.

it is an anxiety disorder and it is very very real. I have suffered from this for many many years now and although i take course i absolutely suck at leaving the house.

i have no life outside the house, sad i know

my future is a job online if i can pull that off long enough.

i have worked in the past but because of my anxiety and this is no joke, i would have panic attacks right at work, be throwing up, everything it was crazy.

didn`t know what the fuck was wrong with me, went to the docs and he diagnosed me with severe anxiety disorder, agoraphobia, and ocd.

so, after i stopped working and have been taking courses, when i can afford them, one at a time while at home barely able to go out.

if i was not taking courses, one every few months by the way, i would probably just die.

because not being able to leave the house, is crazy always feeling liek you are going to get raped again, or sexually assulated is no way to live but something that heals over time.

other people do not go through such trauma so they don`t understand at all!

My heart goes out to you Mike, big hug for you!
it sucks believe me i know

You can at least take a course or two while on odsp
by: Anonymous


I am on odsp reason being I have a metal rod in my back due to scoliosis that causes me pain, as well I suffer from anxiety and depression due to traumatizing situations i have gone through.

Anyway, yes, i agree that you don't get much money on odsp, but there is a way to take courses while on it or even volunteer!

This makes you feel better because you are learning something new, contributing to society in some way even if it is just one course at least it is something.

If you do this, i feel that others judge you less, from saving, i have been able to take courses from george brown college while on odsp. I have completed a creative writing certificate online, yes there are tons of courses you can take while online right in the comfort of your own home, and you know what!

you will feel ten times better about yourself then just not doing anything at all!

it may take you 2 yrs to save the money for it, but is well worth it

I do believe that odsp is out there because people like myself need it, but i also believe that there are ways to work with it well, i couldn't imagine being on it and not taking courses.

Try this, you will feel so much better!

i don't leave the house much do to anxiety disorder but that doesn't stop me from taking courses and because i do this, it makes me feel that i have more of a right to be on it then if i was doing nothing at all.

I am on my way to trying to get together a freelance writing business and thank you odsp for making this possible.

Of course they are always promoting education because they know it helps you feel better about yourself.

if you use it in positive ways you will feel somewhat better!

Everyone that wrote these posts, are good writers in my opinion, i noticed that allot of the posts had no mistakes, so there are lots of course you can take in writing online, sure, you may have to go to the food bank for 2 months but like i said it is worth it.

Life is nothing without accomplishment even if it is a very very small step.


Hi, I have seen alot of the comments.I myself just went on Odsp am a single dad with 2 girls.I cannot sleep at night. 2 hours if im knee gives out at any given back won't let me roll out of bed like normal healthy people.Just doing housework tires me out and back is killing time im you must know how I feel mentally. these people that make rude comments.Do you really think we like feeling like this? you really think we like the fact that we can't give our kids what they really think we wouldn't want to be at work earning double or even triple what we get on ODSP. so that we don't have too much of a money really think we like depending on rides to get us to our next dr. appt. now if you think we enjoy all this maybe you should go on ODSP,because you honestly do have a problem mentally if you think we enjoy this.And for all you people that are disabled,don't pay attention to the negativity of people that put us down.Only us will ever know how we actually feel.And if you can live with yourself knowing what pain you face got nothing to prove to anyone else.And by the way I had to get up 5 different times to write this.sitting or standing. I feel the pain.As long as give my all to my girls and give them what I can.and they appreciate every bit of it that's all that counts.have great day people, I know its easier said then done, but try.

plea for understanding
by: Anonymous

ppl who do get odsp some do commit fraud. But not all ppl on the odsp will not do it under no ands ifs or what ever. So please do not judge all on the odsp. Some ppl need it some do not so keep that in mind. Thanks

Disabled and living on $ 300 a month
by: Anonymous

hey everyone i have been on disability since i was 15 years old..i"m paralyzed from my waist down.

i'm in a wheelchair and i live of off 300 dollars a month. i have to pay for my own therapy. the gym food cabs. (ext)its very hard to live of off so little.

my worker told me i cant get anymore money. welfare gets more then me to live of off..

so i'm sure theres other people out there in my shoes. but u cant lose hope theres so many things out there. that we can get we just need more knowledge to find it.

its funny i know so many people on disability. and they seem to have it better then me. maybe they just have a better disability worker.? who knows!! i have been struggling for a long time. and watching people fake having problems and get away with it. well people like me stuck in a wheelchair living off so little money when they have more then me..

i believe that if u can talk and walk normal you should be getting a job.. or if ur in pain!! get medication to help heal it.,.

there people like me out there who cant just get up and go when ever we want.. we already have a hard time taking care of our self's.

then there's more problems when u have no money to get the things u need...its stressful..we are already going through so much ..

u would think they would try to understand..

ticked off by people who complain about ODSP recipients
by: Anonymous

as for you move it along twit get off this site no one needs to hear your b.s live one minute in our shoes and we will see who is telling who to move along so shut it you egotistical fool. bravo to my fellow anxiety people it is hell and it is a real sickness and i am at my wits end trying to explain all the time we deserve what we are entitled to we did not ask for this.

Complaints about ODSP recipients and other income
by: Editor

Editor's Note:

I don't normally accept the type of post just made because it once again points accusing fingers at others and makes judgements based on casual observations.

But I wanted to give an example of why this type of observation is both wrong and hurtful.

Clearly, one of the most common misconceptions about ODSP is that a person does not "deserve" ODSP if they have any kind of income.


In fact, ODSP encourages people with disabilities to obtain employment and even start their own business. They will still qualify for ODSP if they have a disability, but the amount received will vary.

A person does NOT have to be destitute in order to receive ODSP. Nor is the entire household expected to be destitute, as the site visitor implies above.

Watching someone carry boxes for a couple of blocks does NOT mean that they would not qualify for ODSP. There are many many valid concerns to address, and casual observation doesn't usually tell you much. That is what ODSP caseworkers are for - to assess properly.

I really want to clarify this point, because I am so disheartened by the mean-spiritedness of some visitors. They need to educate themselves before passing judgement on others.

Here is an excerpt from the ODSP eligibility page:

You may qualify for Income Support if you:

  • are 18 years of age or older

  • live in Ontario

  • are in financial need, and

  • have a substantial physical or mental disability that:

    • is expected to last a year or more, and

    • makes it hard for you to care for yourself,
    • take part in community life or work.

To determine if you are eligible to receive Income Support, we look at your financial situation, and
disability status.

Financial eligibility

We consider your and your family's income, assets, housing costs and the size of your family to calculate:
  • if you qualify financially for Income Support and,
  • if so, how much you can receive.

    Disability eligibility

    You also need to meet the definition of "a person with a disability" as defined under the Ontario Disability Support Program Act.

    I hope that if you ever find yourself feeling judgemental about ODSP recipients, that you carefully re-read those basic eligibility requirements and really ask yourself whether you could possibly ever know enough about someone else's personal health situation, and their household's financial situation, to assess ODSP eligibility.

    And remember, one day it could be you.

    You won't deserve to be judged by casual strangers either.

ODSP recipients and ODSP needers
by: Anonymous

I think some people need it like my mother.She has shclaeroderma which is very painful and actually effects the entire organ system.However,i know someone else that says they need disability,but they sell their medication,they have a spouse that has a good job,and supposably he has back issues but i watched him carry 2 large bins filled with books almost 2 blocks!He also has a friend who got a settlement from an insurance company because of an accident lol.Its ridiculous that these people are receiving odsp.Perhaps my mother would get more money if these 2 losers would man up and get a job.

see editor's notes on this post

Odsp recipient
by: Anonymous

I worked full time struggling with major depressive disorder. I tried so hard. I worked my ass off only to go home in tears most of the time because nobody understood the wars I was going through mentally. It got so bad that I started having panic attacks and I had to lock myself in a closet everytime trying to keep myself together because I couldn't breathe. It felt like I was having a heart attack and gonna throw up everytime. Now I have agoraphobia. I have massive panic attacks even leaving my house. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT??? I would give ANYTHING to not have a disability and to go back to work and persue the career I've always wanted. I trade anything to function normally. The fact that I'm on disability makes my depression and anxiety even worse :( I wish everyday for a normal life.

O.D.S.P. fraud
by: Anonymous

I don't think you can do it, because too many applicants have to go to the social Services tribunal for hearing with a lawyer to prove their case. this includes people who have been crush in construction accidents. The raise the MPP's gave themselves in 2009 is equivalent to what a family receives on O.D.S.P. and that was just 2%, so image what their perks and salaries are like; while people on O.D.S.P. have to go to food banks and make a decision on buy less food or pay the rent. The MPP's should try living on wages equivalent to O.D.S.P. and the their staff too and lets see Randy how how they would do ? Randy you talking out of you hat and should really do your home work before making blanket states without being able to substantiate your claims .

by: Ms.Naza

You never know whats waiting for you!!!

It shames me to know there are people like you in the world Randy!!
by: Angie

Randy and all the other ignorant people in the world......get your head out of the sand and count your freaking blessings buddy. You could wake up one morning and be one of these statistics. We live in a country where we care about the people less fortunate than ourselves. Of course there are abusers of the system; there are crooked lawyers, judges, doctors, police officers and priests also but luckily they make up a very small percentage of the big picture. Most people spend their lives trying to better themselves and the lives of those around them because they are human beings. I am grateful that I am able to get to work each day on my own steam, collect a pay cheque each week so as to pay my bills and feed my family. I am well aware of how close I and so many others are of losing it all and spending eternity standing on the corner having quarters flicked my way. Being humane, I have nothing but empathy for those I pass each morning who had to succumb to this horrific lifestyle or die.
Randy......people like you are first in line when fate raises her hand and points to the next victim of the system......enjoy!! I doubt you'll do well in your new lifestyle.

from an ODSP recipient
by: Anonymous

Now I dont know how people think of this but I'm just gonna say it. I have been on ODSP and can barely make it by with what the government gives me.

I think anyone with half a brain knows you cant live off that kinda of money.

The spouse restrictions they have you on as well is absurd. What partner wants to commit themselves to you knowing these things.

I for one scam my odsp cheque anyway I can. Try to get jobs under the table. People say its wrong but I like to think of it as a gray area. How else do you expect me to get buy with a 2 year old child in this world. Also in the Lambton County area most food banks have food that go bad by the next day u get it and you can only go once every 3 weeks. Were getting used and bullied. We need to take a stand

Claiming Welfare...Bail out of Child Support...
by: Anonymous

My ex...who has always been a business now collecting social assistance to avoid paying child support. Here's the deal...if you are collecting welfare, The Family Responsibility Office will halt payment enforcement. Them's the rules. So my daughter is not being supported, while he works under the table and still manages to collect assistance. LOL. What a system we have here.
Damn right I reported him to the hotline. Not that I expect anything will come of it. I wonder how diligently this program is at trying to catch people like this SOB? My guess is that it's just too much work to even bother. Backasswards system we have going on here...and I am not an advocate!

i never thought i would be here on ODSP,,
by: Diane

i never thought i would be here on odsp,,,,
with a lot of life, i am cronic depressed ,,, i worked hard with life as i did for or 25 years.. and now i don't even go outside,,,,

people need to understand that other people handle life different and life traumas ,,,
i wish there was a majic pill to take so i can get on with life,,

but here i am trying to get one foot in front of the other and i read this B S OF people bashing people on odsp,,,,

we're not lazy, it is our life and shit happens and what goes around comes around,,, if everyone in the world would mind their own business and live their own life rather than trying to live someone else's,,, the world would be a better place to live. so mind ur own life and stay out of ours.
u have now clue what we are going through...

to those on odsp,,, i feel for each and everyone of u. moms and dads caregives with children that need the support and the teens and one just starting odsp,,,
keep ur chin up need help ask someone on odsp we all understand ,,,,

i hope the goverment starts helpen us on odsp with more money as to live on odsp is a slap in the face ,,, i know our goverment could not live on the small amout we each recive every month
and they should be forced to live on the small amount we receive maybe and hopefully the government would give us a raise
if i have spellin misstakes ,,, that is do to my life disability,,, do u have a problem with that well don;t read THEN

odsp benifet

Re: Randy Peters rant on ODSP recipients
by: John Avery

Too funny Randy, you're hilarious! Lock up anyone with a mental condition? Take away their licenses? Good stuff. You just can't beat this kind of stupidity. This is a real person posting folks.

Under the table work? You mean you know of someone who is collecting and working? So report it then shut your bloody mouth and leave the rest of these people alone.

I can just see the wheel chair people rolling up to a construction site, or a paranoid schizo. They're in huge demand, job sites just can't enough of disabled workers.

Maybe Karma will come injure you, then you'll see how glorious it is having to really fight to survive! Working and having enough to eat is easy in comparison to being disabled. Most worked almost all of their lives, others were struck down in their youth. Bottom line is YOU'RE BLOODY LUCKY RANDY!!!ENJOY YOUR HEALTH - YOU IGNORANT PUNK!

response to Randy Peters vile post
by: Brian M

Listen here buddy. Yes there are some cases of fraud on O.D.S.P. But I doubt that many.I am on O.D.S.P. I used to run a skidder in the bush.What I get every month I used to make that or more a week.You can be sure if I could I would still be there, But after having 2 feet of my colon removed and living with a colostomy bag ,panic,disorder. O.C.D and fibromialgia.Working is ho longer an option.You may know of some who do abuse the system. But You can't paint everyone with the same brush.So You should keep Your comments to Yourself. Oh and by the way Mental illness and or physical disability can strike anyone at any time or age. One day it may be You or someone You love. Will You still think the sme? I think not.I think Your jealous Your not getting any.

Ontario OW/ODSP fraud hotline
by: Anonymous

Not sure how old your request is but this is the hotline.

time to look at the whole picture of disabled people and ODSP
by: Hearing impaired and physically disabled left in the cold

what is wrong with people? time to reAlize life is not all it is cracked up to be.

anyone who is living ODSP- knowS it is not all it is cracked up to be and at the same time you are lucky to get these benefits

if you have a spouse who is working you do not even get ODSP. he or she is expected to pay for you and if you need medication and your children need medication they have to pay for that too.

my concern is stop worring about others because someday you maybe in the same boat and need the benefits.

or you may not have any help at all if you have a working spouse or partner.

anyone who works pays taxes so why should it not go to the people who need the help........

for all those that really do suffer with mental illness my heart goes out to you sometimes it is invissible and they world judges what they do not see.... stop being so unfair you will only understand if you have walked in the journey of a disable person it is not fun and I believe most people would rather work then live this way....

may people find something else to do besides finding joy in others brokeness this is why people have to sometime go on medication. support people and see how things will improve.

Criticism of ODSP recipients is wrong..
by: Anonymous

I worked for most of my adult life protecting people from the evils of this world... I had an arrest go bad and wound up injured... my bosses didn't care and were perfectly willing to fire me... the Labour Ministry fobbed me off as someone elses problem, EI said that in almost 20 years of work I hadn't paid enough money into the system (almost $30,000 paid in and only able to receive a total of 9,000 of that back and I had to fight for that much)... Welfare only gave me a little over 500 a month to live off of... you do the math!!! Who is running the scam...? Certainly not me...

I'm on ODSP Thanx to injuries in the line of duty and PTSD... I can't work, compliments of said injuries I received while protecting people (like the jerk who is complaining about recipients and mental issues) from people who could (and would happily I might add) steal, murder and such from people just like him...

Even better is that I sacrificed my health and well-being for others, so that I could get the shaft from the government and from people like him, who claim I am "lazy" and am just scamming the gov't so I don't have to work...

I have news for you... before you start spewing your venom... try walking a mile in my shoes, get shot at for a living, get hosed by the system that is supposed to help us all out in need, and then maybe... just maybe... I might start to let you have the right to gripe about Welfare and ODSP... because right now you don't have a clue!!!

Somebody who needs something
by: Anonymous

i'm not lazy but I am depressed with Diabetes, awhile back, my foot and legs were infected with something called NLD (which stands for Necrobiosis Lipoidica Diabeticorum, I couldn't even put on a sock.. and along with that, I have been really depressed and my job didn't understand that and gave me shit every time I took days off or brought in doctors notes so I quit and now it's hard for me to find a job and trust me I've tried, but there are assholes like you who can say one thing "get a job blah blah blah" and then you don't even hire them when they apply! and my doctor and physiologist are being really nice right now helping me get ODSP because there's nothing else I can do, nobody will hire me and I can't afford my insulin because I have ZERO coverage so at least they see that. I'm not lazy but I do need something.. so eff you to all those who think people abuse the system of ODSP just because you can't see a mental illness doesn't mean it doesn't exist so get off your high horse! not everybody is perfect!

Depression, anxiety and panic disorder - I hope it doesnt happen to you
by: Anonymous

To all these people who claim that depression and anxiety and panic disorder are not a real disability, please think again.

I have all 3 ...

It is so hard to live a normal life. I dont sleep at night for more than 2 hours at a time, I constantly need someone to go on the smallest trips with like the grocery store.

I cry at the drop of a hat on some days, my bad days certainly out number my good. I have been this way for 12 years now, and just in the midst of applying for ODSP.

I just cant work anymore, I have a violent hand tremor, and hate being on medication if I dont take the medication I am afraid I will not be here.

So to those that think we are abusing the system, just remember, just because you cant see a mental illness, doesn't mean it does not exist.

I am an ODSP recipient
by: Anonymous

I have worked hard up through the pain and the seizures and finally had to give in and go on ODSP. My license was taken from me so I had to quit my job and get a job as a waitress I had to work three jobs to keep my head above water until my Doctor said no more. I had to go on OW until I was finally granted my ODSP months later, all that time living on a fraction of what I would have brought home in a week. Then I was no better off. Just for those who think that we are lazy I have a brain tumour, trigeminal neuralgia and kidney problems. I would love to be able to go to work everyday but who would hire me.

ODSP Approval process not automatic
by: Anonymous

ODSP is not an easy thing to come by. It is not just walk in say hi and they hand you a check.

You must have your Doctor sign forms you must also fill out your own forms pleading your case. The doctor must also provide proof to them in the form of your medical history, scans, x-rays, exam reports.. and so on.

Secondly generally people will not receive odsp until they have applied a few times, most people must fight for years to get their benefits.

I agree that there are probably a few cases of people who don't need it tho with such strict measures taken before handing out the benefits I am sure that those cases are few and far between.

ODSP and child support
by: Anonymous

I am not on ODSP I have been on welfare before for just a few months. I understand some people DO need this and we're (people in general) are not to judge. I do agree with another post saying that opinions are from past experiences and another post about not all investigations are done correctly.
My past experience: My ex husband had a job making 50k a year. We had a child and he disapeared. He was ordered to pay child support. Over the past few years he has taken me back to court number of times to reduce child support. Which I did. He quit his 50k job and was under the radar and working under the table for a few years just so he didnt have to pay child support. The judge even said he was a deadbeat and he is perfectly capable of working. Healthy and such. Told him he could even get a job at mcdonalds just to be able to give his son something for support. Or even shovel driveways! Now he has served me with papers saying he is on ODSP and wants to pay me $0.00 per month for child support. He is behind with FRO over 30k. I should mention that he has not seen his son since he was 3 months old now he is 4 years old.

So every situation is different and I do beleive that these "investagations" should be more in depth. He is perfectly capable of working and is riding the system....also...his new girlfriends mother works in the system and Im sure that is why he got on without any problem.

Randy Peters
by: Anonymous

You are a sick bastard! I'm the mother of 3 kids, diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (Chronic pain) in 2006. While pregnant of my 3rd, found out i have cancer... She's now 5 mts old i need surgery and lots of care while on ODSP. I'm now have Anemia (VERY low iron level). You have the mental issues... You think everyone is abusing the system?? Get a reality check! Some of us are SICK and CANNOT earn an income. Sorry if it's a problem for you... I NEVER asked to be disabled either!

Been on both sides!
by: Mr D

Yes,ODSP is granted after there has been an investigation by a medical professional. But these medical professionals are not professionals in lies and deceit. Even normal cops are not professionals!And they get fooled everyday. I have been on both sides of the fence, i know!! What people must realize is the comments of all people on here are all true. Many people are angry and frustrated and direct their comments inappropriately. But it doesn't mean what they say is untrue. We have fraud in all aspects of our lives. Nothing is immune.People must realize most comments on here are about personal experience, they are not meant to judge the overall system(s),people(s).

ODSP Reality check
by: The Bird!

It's not glamorous having to live off ODSP. People think that cause ODSP is being utilized by individuals who are in actual need of it makes them a loser, or lazy or an idiot or a con.

Whatever, have you no sense to actually think before speaking as I have a really good point here.

Yes ODSP fraud happens, and it screws it up for those who are in actual need of it. BUT
Who's doing the fraud, it's you guys who come on here and bash those living off this poorly source of income.

Those you are healthy enough to take care of themselves and a family are those who complain about ODSP and the people who NEED to use it and it is also you healthy people who are the ones who fraudulently use these services.

SO I think you should turn around and go bark at your fellow healthy people cause those are the ones who ruin it for everyone who needs it. This is why you got this bad attitude becasue of them not us who need it.

And if you're still ticked off, then when you or a loved has something that happens to them and they are in need of financial support DO NOT USE ODSP!

Because apparently only the lowest of the low would ever do that, which like I said in reality those low lifes are the healthy lazy scammers who ruin it for everyone else who needs it.

I cannot say it enough, your attitude is horrible and someday you may just be sorry you ever said what you did.

You don't know what you're talking about "Sickening pathetic losers by Randy Peters"
by: Anonymous

Randy Peters, I would like to know where you get your information from cause it appears to be incorrect. My brother has MS and he has suffered from it since he was a small child. Yes, he collects ODSP but you grossly wrong about how it is.

My brother is single with no children, he barely has enough money to survive monthly,he does have to pay taxes (but of course not as much as the person who makes more then $24K a month) and this huge income tax refund you speak of does not exist.

You are a tainted individual who needs to live a month in the shoes of a disabled person. Cut your legs off, stuck in a wheelchair, no hand coordination, cognitive difficulties and constant pain, once you do that for a month then go a head and open your big mouth.

I agree that there are people out there who are lazy and con the system, these people should pay for the consequences but it only happens if someone like you reports it.

I am terribly disgusted with your attitude, you have been given a gift of good health being able to care for yourself and a family. Unfortunately your attitude sucks.

How about being a disabled person who gets to dream of being able to get up and walk to a job, or being able to care for a family, or hey try getting a girlfriend when you're not "perfect".

You are miserable, I am enraged by your comment, your attitude and who do you think you are to speak about recipients like that when I think in reality you just want to be a lazy existance and get this free ride you speak of. There's no free ride these valid people have made the biggest payment of all, some part of their entire being has been sacrificed for this free ride. I'm not going to feel any sympathy for you when your terrible existance burns in that special place called hell. I wait for a reply from you

by: CP

Randy is simply a coward and probably has been all of his life. Who else would come after the weakest people in society? That's right only a true gutless wonder.

Harris is originally the one who ramped up the rhetoric against the poor. A diversion to siphon funds up into the corporate ranks.

Good thing Harris's wife divorced him, just like his first wife did. Who could live with someone after witnessing this type of evil.

Maybe Randy the coward is Harris incognito. LOL

To the person who talked about "taking out" a few ODSP and OW workers - keep in mind that POLITICIANS make the rules. Workers have NO choice but to obey.

ODSP and child support
by: Kathleen

My ex spouse is in arrears on his child support somewhere in the vicinity of 150,000.00. He has been on ODSP for 5 years claiming a mental incapacity so dire that he can not work.

Two days ago he dropped the children off in yet another tow truck (working for cash again). I will report this but nothing will be done and my children will continue to hear me say no I can't afford that.

The ironic part of this is that I have M.S. and I am disabled. I am on chemo therapy as a last chance because my body built an immunity to the ONLY drug available to ms patients.

I am bald and use a walker to get around. My young children are too young to have to take care of their mommy. That's my job.

ODSP or death?
by: Anonymous

Looks like Ontario government is following Hitler from late 30's to 45. Should we just all kill ourselves to save my tax paying dollars, as we still all paid them. I have been disabled for for over 18 years and struggled to work, and did. Just shoot yourself, don't forget to take a ODSP or OW employee or two first though.

To the ppl that bash or attack 20 yr olds
by: Char

For the person that has an image on 20 years olds that "party and do drugs". I'm 21 have 2 children, I'm currently going to college in september. There is some ppl out there that yes do party and do drugs and have no reponsibilities what so ever. But that's not every 20 year old that you ppl are talking about. I'm currently on ow and hate the fact that I'm on it. But I am starting college in september and moving onto a career. Do you ppl think its ok to bash ppl that are on ow or odsp especially if they have a sickness! Or when they have no other option but to go on ow because they can't find a job or have children and responibilites. You are the ones that are just plain bored. But having your opinion on EVERYONE on ow or disability is not everyone that are frauding the system! I think if you your taking your anger out on a certain person but labelling it on everyone on ow or odsp you need to grow up a little bit and if that person tell it to the fraudulent line. But yet again a lot ppl think that ppl on ow or odsp are "lazy" no its the fact that they have no other resources to go to and with a sickness for those that can't work! So I suggest everyone labelling need to just mind their own and go on with your lives not everyone elses.

move along now
by: Anonymous

All of you need to mind your own buesness and get a life. if this what you do all day?

The vast majority of people in Ontario are IDIOTS!!!
by: Peter

Try living on a cheque that is still the same amount as it was in 1995!!!
People on ODSP are or should have a monthly cheque in the amount of about $1,500 / month for a single person if they want the same "buying-power" as they had in 1995 when Hitler/Harris froze them.
Unless you are living in subsidized housing eg: 'RGI' you are now paying the vast majority of your ODSP cheque for rent!!!
The Gov. allows you $450 / month for rent!! You can't even get a room in a God-forsaken city in Northern Ontario for that amount!!
People take money out of their living expenses to make up for the shortfall than they have less money for food and other expenses.
Oh; I forgot at least Mr.
Hitler had the decency to kill all those people
rather them make them do it themselves or starve them to death!!!
This is how I see O.D.S.P. as:
(O)ntario (D)eath (S)entencing (P)eople

Have a nice life all you idiots!!!

ODSP and mental illness
by: Anonymous

So I am on ODSP because of mental illness,i have suffered from depression for yrs,i have try to committed suicide twice,i have my good days and my bad days,I can't control these feelings in my head they just come on like a rollercoaster..

before all this has happened to me,i owned a home I have worked since i was 16,I am now 38,i made good money.

now i have nothing,i lost my home,my kids are hurt because they can't be with there friends they grew up with,I can't even afford a car to get back and forth to my appointments,i haven't taken the bus since i was a kid,very humiliating for someone who has owned a car since i was 16..

i have lost all honor and pride i had,lost that long ago so i could feed my kids,yes i am a single father of 2,raising them by myself and at times when my depression is bad,cry and just want to be left alone,but i do it for them...

So please tell me where is the positive in all this? please Randy tell me your idea how to get me thru all of this and put food on the table for my kids and pay the bills?

I didn't ask for this,i don't want this... i grew up knowing that i was the man and worked for my family and supported them...but now i am a shadow of the man i thought i was because of this damn mental illness you so thoughtfully blow off as me just being lazy to collect benefits from the government...

the only thing keeping me from collapsing completely is knowing now i can feed my kids and keep a roof over there heads from the help of ODSP so maybe before you spew your ignorance off to ppl make sure you know what your talking about, maybe you should look at yourself if your having problems making ends meet,i did very well for myself for being a high school drop out...

Don't blame others for your own short Cummings in life

ODSP Fraud true case
by: Experienced One

I agree that Randy's words are too harsh but I am someone who has suffered at the hands of a real ODSP frauder. My ex boyfriend is still on ODSP and completely abusing the system. We tried to have a normal relationship and I tried getting him 3 jobs but every single job he walked out of. He is on ODSP for anxiety and depression. What amazes me is that he plays violent videogames like W*rld of W*rcr*ft all day and night. He gets no panic attacks then. He is getting $1200 a month and after chipping in one third of the rent he was spending the money on expensive face creams, cosmetics, gym memberships and going out for sushi. I kept giving in for the longest time and realized that he was just abusing the system and me. As soon as we broke up, he found a sugar d*ddy within a month.

He would always blame everything on anxiety and panic attacks but he is perfectly capable of doing everything he wants to do.

He once told me to my face that he never wants to get off of ODSP. I, as a taxpayer, feel cheated. This system was made for people that suffer for no fault of their own. People that need help. But I know 3 other friends of my ex who are on ODSP for the same reason. All they have to do is go see their doctor and act really nervous. My ex even pops some pills to make his heart race when he goes to see a doctor. How do I let the government know what he is doing??

Some are Rotten
by: John Nolan

I am an O.D.S.P recipient i work above the table because i hate sitting home and can do some work.

I report my income and do not get a huge tax refund Randy I have M.S. I use a walker and do not abuse the system i have paid into for almost 30 years and still do.i know a few people who scam the system and have reported them it does no good because they are still doing it.

Not all of us are losers it just takes a few to make us all look bad.The system is also to blame they take away so much that it makes it hard but when you are on assistance you must live within your means.

More on attitudes towards recipients of ODSP
by: Anonymous

Hey Randy Peters:

I'm not for people abusing the system.

The rant you just went on though is a sick display of generalizations and BS.

You undermine your own arguement by declaring who is useless and who should be locked up.

Dont start talking like a eugenicist if you expect to be taken seriously.

You want the real problem?

What is it now 4? 5? temp employment (slavery) services?

A check cashing/payday loan centre on every corner?

Can you people not see the signs of what is really being done?

This reliance on the syatem is intentional, and has been collapsed by design.

Do you really think this is happening because most people are just lazy?
Some advice:
Turn off the TV. Nothing lies to you more than the TV, and the so called 'news'
Wake up. Before it's too late.

...[Off topic comments removed.. Editor]

We are being bankrupted and demoralized.
All the while little reports and the TV want to make you think it's poor people.

Tired of Welfare Bashing & Negativity
by: Anti Negitive

Ontario Works Recipients are not only degraded, but also denied what?s needed to get a good job. All their websites state we?ll help you get the education or training needed to get a job then is ignored or denied once a person applies for it.

The mentality is that if you make the sum of your Ontario works check at a temp agency, they then tell you "You are making too much money" and cut you off.

Since a Temp agency is just that. ?For Temporary work? You?re once again out of a job, and now out of a form of income. If anyone?s guilty of fraud, it?s the politicians, the ruthlessly tax he living hell out of everyone.

Money is taken and put into their own funds for what they think is the best leaving people to starve and go without. Last time I looked on the web, even a snow shoveller required 1-3years experience and a grade 12. Not everyone was able to get a good education.

[some comments edited out as inappropriate ... Editor}

People?s facts are really misled by their own negative judgmental self-righteousness.

Most people, who have it good now, wouldn?t be able to survive at all in the real world if they had to live like people on Ontario Works.

Jobs just aren?t there. As they all seem to think they are. Obviously we all know who are the ones with the above average salaries from the sounds of some of these comments.

The Article written above about Fraud hits the nail right on the head?.This isn?t meant to offend anyone, but a hard fact since I know someone on it.. and it?s not as easy as some think.

Good wholesome jobs that will sustain a person are not out there as they were once. I think the HST coming up in july should say something in itself!

People wanting to report ODSP and Ontario Works and ODSPFraud
by: Anonymous

I want to remind everyone that there are many poeple who just simply want to get back at someone they hate, or just want to cause them trouble. So they want to find a way to send anonymous emails to try and cause them grief. Mind you that you can be charged for sending anonymous emails to ODSP. That is fraud in itself, just for someone to get even with someone is not right. Poeple are on ODSP because professionals checked out that they were disabled. Now Welfare receipients who are in there 20's who are on drugs and partying, using the money to for that is commiting fraud to my oppinion. Those should be closely observed. Another thing that pisses me off is there are many women who just get knowingly hooked up with a poor guy just to have a kid and they know they will be doing this as it's there meal ticket and then cause them a nightmare. That is fraud! And the poor guy never knew it was coming as they feel responsible to take care of the kid. Then they go screw some other guy and find another victim, that is real sad. Women commit more fraud then men, because men live in silence and it always looks like they are the ones in the wrong, while in reality it's the women who are getting away with murder!!!!!

When it comes to fraud for ontario works and odsp, You need to look at every possible directions, because it's hard to actually know exactly what is going on on every case, there are some who are really disables and really need the income, but they have some mold in society trying to cause them trouble and they should be jailed for causing some poor man who is really disabled trouble.

Editors Comments:
Although I've allowed this entry, it is borderline... It's great to remind people that ODSP is only granted after there has been an investigation and medical professionals have signed off on the disability, as well as ODSP staff.

I think the comments as a whole are borderline however because the poster than veers off to denigrate women on welfare.

Anyone on welfare has also gone through an assessment process, and made a decision based on the facts presented - the same facts that no casual observer would know, or should know.

So who is anyone to judge someone else?

And as for the comment on having children and being on welfare - my only question is: have you checked out the cost of child care lately? If you're lucky enough to find a spot even.

So... until we have a child care program like Quebec, I don't think we have the right to judge people who have kids and also receive public funding.

Attitudes towards people receiving ODSP
by: Anonymous

It's been a long time since I have heard such an ignorant and uneducated comment about a person with a mental disability.

So Randy must think that if your autistic you "Should be locked up", because thats a mental disability.

I think Randy needs to go get his grade 10 education so he can better his own pathetic life to the point where someone making $1000.00 a month on a disability doesn't make him jealous and irritate him so much.

We're not all screwing the tax payer with ODSP
by: Anonymous

Yes, I'm on ontario disability, not because I'm lazy or because I'm looking for a free ride,but because I have degenerative disc disease and sleep apnea. I had no choice but to go on disability.

I had my dream job, driving transport trucks and my wife and I bought our first house where we had our first and only child.

When I found out that my back was shot I had to give up my job, the bills piled up and my wife's pays couldn't keep up, the house needed repair and we just couldn't do it, so we had no choice but to give it to the bank.

My sleep apnea affects the memory so that is a learning disability. So learning a new career would be very difficult.

Sure I could work at something, but who will hire me with a bad back and has a memory problems.

I would like to be able to work again but at my own pace,own a house again.

Some of us have no choice, so quit your damn complaining. Some of us only want what we had for our families and a little extra under the table money helps. Give it a rest already.

please remove Randy Peters post about ODSP
by: Mike Hyde

It is ignorant, offensive and does not contribute to the issue at hand.

I am very glad I did not read such a disgusting post when I was unable to leave my house for several months, because it would have made me feel even worse about collecting ODSP. It is comments like yours that make us feel ashamed for collecting ODSP. You talk about working so hard to make a living, have you ever had to work so hard just get out of bed because you don't see a point in living?

Have you ever tried to walk to the grocery store because you need food, but after taking a step out your front door you have to run back inside?

Have you ever had an anxeity/panic attack? Your heart races, you have difficulty breathing, you feel completely detached from reality, your body goes numb, etc...

These are just results of my depression, anxeity and panic disorder with agorahpobia, all of which are of a fairly mild nature. Others have these and other mental illnesses to much more severe degrees.

Public attitudes about ODSP recipients
by: Editor

I'm embarrassed by the people like Randy Peters that make negative assumptions about people on ODSP.

Along with a couple of other commenters, he seems to think he has magical access to know what other people's conditions are, both medical and financial.

In reality, none of us can know what another person is going through - especially when it comes to disability, whether physical or not.

ODSP is hardly a generous program, and it is a difficult, and some would say humiliating process to be approved.

To negative know-it-all complainers: Disability is an equal opportunity condition. Just because you haven't been touched by it yet doesn't mean you won't have to deal with it in your future.

When that day comes, you'll be grateful for the small benefits that are available to you.

But be clear about this. It won't begin to make up for the difficulties you'll face at every turn in your life. It can affect everything in your life and in the life of those close to you.

If those around you have as negative an attitude as some of the ones expressed here, then you'll have an even harder time of it.

As the original author, Ron Payne, pointed out, only 2% of people receiving welfare are likely to be committing fraud (against bizarre rules I might add). I think it's safe to say that the rate for people on ODSP is lower still.

Before people make assumptions about disability and mental illness, they would be wise to educate themselves first. Until then, zip it.

As editor, I will no longer accept any put-downs of anyone receiving ODSP or any discussion about welfare fraud. Negative, hurtful comments will be deleted, and posters banned.

Sickening pathetic losers
by: Randy Peters

These people collecting ODSP and working under the table make me sick! Then to top it all of, they complain about the government and how the government doesn't do enough to help out "the small guy". They pay no taxes, get free medication, and a HUGE income tax refund. How is this possible? I work for a living, struggle to make ends meet, so that my tax dollars can support some lazy person (with a huge sense of entitlement) who then goes out and works under the table paying no taxes, taking work away fron people trying to do things the right way. These lazy bums should be cut off from any level of government assistance. I pretty much mean the ones who are on a "mental" disability. If they're that mental they should be locked up. Also, take away their driver's licenses. Disabled people shouldn't drive. Make them choose between driving or collecting a government cheque. See how many of these lazy bums are suddenly cured of their depression, skitzoidism, OCD or whatever. Who can I complain to and will they do anything about it?

ODSP fraud reporting
by: Anonymous

is there a website or a email address that you can report abuse of the system to ODSP or welfare I know someone who is abusing the system collecting ODSP and is making up a story to be on it in the first place and is more then capable of working and getting his GF to pay rent while not telling ODSP so that he collects rent money from both them and GF and a rampant drug user on tax payers money... looking for a annoymous way to report as he is a violent guy

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