Disability Financial Assistance

disability financial assistance

If you're looking for disability financial assistance in Canada, you will find it - eventually. It is out there (though nowhere near enough), but the trick is to find it and see what applies to your situation.

To help you in your journey, I've created this page of funding resources for you. I'll add information that I know and add to it as I find it.

You can help too - just add in the disability funding resources that you know of below.

Your tip can be about any funding resource related to disability or other special needs, from any Canadian source.

It can include things like grants, tax credits, reimbursements, wheelchair funding, special education funding, autism funding, respite funding, assistive technology funding, financial assistance from government, non-profit agencies, charities, you name it!

Note: To the best of our knowledge, the information below is accurate as at the time it's entered, but we have no way of staying on top of changes unless you tell us. So, if you know of a change to any program listed, please be sure to add a comment on the funding description page.

Also, if you have any tips to offer on how to best access the funding, or want to share your experience in getting the funding (or not!) feel free to share that in the comments area too.

Have a tip on disability funding?

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To help make your tip useful to future visitors, make your title be what the funding is for, and who qualifies (by region if appropriate).

For instance, "Respite funding" (Ontario)

Add as much information as you like, including where to apply, your experiences, tips for applying - whatever you think would be helpful.

Thanks for your help!

Financial Assistance for People with Disabilities

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Son with Severe ADHD and LD denied DTC how to appeal? 
My son has very severe ADHD with a few LD with it. He is in special education and requires medication. I need to know what I am doing wrong on my form …

Need wheelchair ramp for my daughter
also a bigger bathtub
I am a single mother of 4 beautiful children my 14 yr old daughter has been diagnosed with rett syndrome as well as epilepsy. She is totally dependent …

Disorder called P.A.N.S (aka P.A.N.D.A.S.)  
Hi, My son was diagnosed with Obsessive compulsive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Sensory Procession Disorder a year ago. This year he …

Please help! need funding for my adhd child! 
My son is 11 yrs old and was diagnosed with adhd when he was 5. I'm now finding out that I possibly could have been getting extra money for his needs? …

Free Refurbished Computer (Canada) 
You may qualify for a FREE computer that has been donated and refurbished. The used computers are good quality - Pentium 4 and laptops, and there are …

Canadian HOusing Mortgage COrp has funding  
for renovations to modify a home, even if you rent, they have funding to help you stay in your home …

How can I get more financial help from the government? 
My daughter has sturge-weber syndrome and is severly disabled she is even receiving a wish this year.I receive $110 disability tax credit.And she's in …

ADD & ADHD funding 
My son has ADHD and I was told that there is special funding from the government for kids with this. Is this true and who do you contact to get it? Thanks …

Autism Fund 
My son 28 month just got Autism diagnosed. There is long waiting list for the public service. Do you know there are fund available I can apply so I can …

Need funding for renovating my home to my needs 
I am looking to apply for funding to modify my home to my needs. I have injured my self plenty times trying to get around carefully, but it is a …

Family Relief and Support (Ontario)
Special Services at Home (Ontario)
This provincial government program is designed to provide funds for respite / relief and is related to support services in or out of the home. Application …

ADHD Financial assistance? 

Disability Funding for Diapers (Ontario) 
Special needs children in Ontario between the ages of 3 to 18 may qualify for a grant from Easter Seals Ontario to offset the cost of diapers. Qualifying …

Business start up fund, ODSP 
I know that if you have a small business you are supposed to be able to apply each year for start up funds. These funds can be for show space, cloths, …

opening my own business vs odsp 
My wife and I would like to start your own business But we need the money to do that We are odsp and of these people are trying to cut us off …

Any child with special needs. Must be an employee of Canada Post and a member of their CUPW union. It's called The Special Needs Project. Not rated yet
There are two projects for Canadian union of postal workers members, the Special Needs Project and moving on. Both cover expenses for children and young …

Funding for dyslexia in Ontario Not rated yet
Hi everyone, I would like my elementary school child to get some tutoring or attend a specialized private school. However, our family cannot afford …

Where Can I Find Housing Adaptation Grants Not rated yet
I have a 17 yr old child with 15q11.2 Microdeletion Syndrome (which causes and he has Autism, ADHD, Heart Condition, Sensory Processing Disorder, Learning …

Computer assistance  Not rated yet
my daughter has a T2201 and she needs an IPAD tablet for home and school. The school will arrange for hers but is there a way I can purchase one for her …

Special Needs Project Funding - Canadian Union Of Postal Workers Not rated yet
If your are a Canada Post employee and are covered by the Canadian Union Of Postal Workers (CUPW) you are eligible for $100 a month from September to June …

Looking for help in Manitoba for ADHD behaviour challenges Not rated yet
He is going through big changes he challenges authority he has had many chances in school to stay but now he has to do school work at home I don't want …

Funding for summer program support person for children with autism (Ontario) Not rated yet
Autism Ontario is offering a program called the "2012 One-to-One Summer Support Worker Reimbursement Fund" that provides financial help for qualifying …

Grants to get into a Special School Not rated yet
I am writing on behalf of my friend. She has 2 teenagers one in grade 9 and the other in grade 8. They both have genetic muscular disease. They are currently …

Financial aid for a non resident child having cerebral palsy Not rated yet
Hi Graeme, My name is Deepa and my daughter who is 2yrs and 5 months now was diagnosed for cerebral palsy when she was 1 1/2 months. Since then i was …

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Mobility devices may be covered by ODSP Not rated yet
If you have a small business you can apply for ODSP to pay for mobility devices. ie: mobility scooter to get you to and around at arts and craft shows. …

Funding for disability equipment (Cerebral Palsy - Ontario) Not rated yet
The Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy has an excellent funding program to "assist with the purchase and lease of equipment". It is available for …

Special Needs Camps
and Vacation Funding Assistance
(Ontario - cerebral palsy)
 Not rated yet
This wonderful financial assistance program is offered by the Ontario Federation of Cerebral Palsy. It is available to Ontarians "of all ages with cerebral …

Respite Funding Availabilty By Province Not rated yet
While researching each province in Canada for information on funding for children with disabilities, I have come across the following information, which …

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