Disability Discounts in Toronto

CN Tower disability discount

It is often poorly advertised, but there are a number of family friendly places in Toronto that offer disability discounts. The city is actually a great place for families, with tons of great places to enjoy.

But, let's face it can all get a bit expensive.

Knowing about disability discounts for Toronto's best spots can mean the difference between staying home and being able to take your family out to enjoy the city.

And, for other people in your life that would love to help out, this is great information to pass on to aunts, uncles, grandparents or any other caregivers you may have.

Click here to see our growing list of places in Toronto that have a disability discount, and find outing opportunities for your special need child.

CNE disability discounts

The other important thing we offer is a place for you to share any information you have about other places that offer a disability discount.

Just scroll down to the bottom of the page, or click here to share your tips for additional spots.

If you want to share additional tips about any location we've already listed, just go to the details page for that location, and share your information there.

Be sure to bookmark this page so that you can check in often!

Enjoy your outings!

Do you know of a disability discount we haven't listed yet?

Taking children out can get expensive can't it? And anyone supporting a child with special needs, has already got more expenses than usual. You can help out by sharing any information you have about special disability discounts for any location in Toronto.

When you share your information here, we'll build a web page about it, and then allow others to comment on their experiences there. That way, we can all benefit from knowing how to get the most of Toronto for our special need kids.

Thanks for helping!

What Other Visitors Have Said

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Centerville Disability Discount (Toronto Island) 
Last Year (2008) we were given a discounted rate for our son and the companion could ride free. Sorry I don't remember the disounted rate for our …

Reptilia Zoo Disability Discount 
Reptilia Zoo - Indoors and accessible. in Vaughan (just north of Toronto) Offers Aid in for free and 14 year old $6.00 They have lots of snakes, …

Royal Ontario Museum - Disability Discount 
The Royal Ontario Museum is a great place to take your family. The museum has gone through extensive renovations and so it now has lots to see and …

CNE - disability discounts available 
Don't miss The Ex because you think it's too expensive! The Ex actually has one of the most generous disability discounts in the city. BOTH the person …

Ripleys Aquarium in Toronto Not rated yet
Person assisting the person with a disability gets in free. Must show proof of disability.

Ontario science center Not rated yet
Child with disability will pay full price but companion is free

Marineland Niagra Falls  Not rated yet
The person with the disability get in for a discount and the person with them pays regular price. the discount was $26.99 regular is $37.99 (5-12yrs) $44.95 …

Ontario Science Centre Not rated yet
The disability discount available at the Science Centre is for the escort of the person with special needs. So, your child will still pay full price, but …

Rainbow Cinemas at Promenade Mall - disability discount  Not rated yet
Free entry for those who are wheelchair bound

Casa Loma Disability Discount Not rated yet
Like a lot of places in Toronto, Casa Loma offers free admission to an attendant, but the disabled person must pay full fee. Most of Casa Loma is accessible …

CN Tower Disability Discount Not rated yet
If you or someone in your family has a disability, and are planning on visiting the CN Tower, you can receive "complimentary admission to one aide per …

Toronto Zoo Disability Discount Not rated yet
It's not on their website, but for people in wheelchairs, there are two disability discounts. After calling the membership line, I was told that the …

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