Child assessment

We are new immigrants here in Canada and I was informed by the school were my child is enrolled right now that it will take 2 to 3 years before my child can be assessed. Are there any other government agencies or organization who can give a faster assessment for my child?


Editor's Note:
I'm not aware of other government agencies that do assessments, however if you speak to your doctor, you should be able to get a referral to a specialist - often associated with a hospital or rehab center.

In this way, costs are generally covered by provincial health plans, but the wait can still be very long - roughly a year the last I checked.

There are also private organizations that will do an assessment for a fee - usually a hefty fee though. Your school or doctor may be able to recommend names.

Another good avenue to try is the 211 service. Although this isn't available everywhere, most major cities do offer this number as a quick way to get information on social services in your area.

You can also go online. You can get "free, confidential, multilingual access to information about the full range of community, social, health and government services." Go to for more information.

Support services for special needs children can vary dramatically depending on where you live and the type of disability that you are dealing with. Be prepared to invest some time in finding the support services you need.

Lastly, sometimes all it takes is a lot of persistence and pressure to speed up the assessment right in your school. Try speaking to the school superintendent or school trustee.

Hopefully other site visitors can offer their suggestions or names of individuals or groups that can do the assessment for you.

When you do find the services that you need, please come back and share your information, so that others like you will benefit as well.

Hope that helps.
Good luck!

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Dec 17, 2015
long wait for child assessment is a
by: Anonymous

The wait time is ridiculous, however, if you can at all afford to get the assessment done privately, its a very quick process. My son was on the wait list for more than 2 years, I called a private doctor and had an appointment the next week. There is such a disconnect in available information as well; the name that I got from my doctor was no longer doing assessments so he had to refer me to a colleague. For a psycho-educational and autism assessment I paid $3000. It stayed that 'low' because the government put caps on how much can be charged. If you can get approved for the Child Disability Benefit, you will be 'reimbursed', as it is retroactive.

Aug 09, 2012
by: Anonymous

I realize that getting your child assessed as soon as possible is a priority for you, but there are alot of other people who have been waiting a long time for the same thing. You will have to be patient if you can't afford to get a private assessment done.

Pushing your child through the system in an aggressive way is not fair to others who have also been waiting and may not have the skills to advocate for their child.

Why would your child be an exception? They all deserve an equal chance

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