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There is so much to learn about dealing with disability that I doubt that any one person could ever be THE expert.

But, an an individual basis, each of us becomes expert in dealing with our own situations. In figuring out our own way through dealing with disability in the family, classroom or workplace, we pick up nuggets of golden information that would be of help to others in a similar situation.

The goal of this page is to provide an open ended question area where we can share what we've learned, on any topic.

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My adhd daughter 
I need some extra funding for my 5 year old daughter that has adhd

Financial Assistance to cover the cost of a Modified Bike for a 15 year old with special needs 
A friend of mine is desperately seeking help to cover the cost of a modified bmx bike for her 15 year old son who has special needs. This bike would …

Child assessment 
We are new immigrants here in Canada and I was informed by the school were my child is enrolled right now that it will take 2 to 3 years before my child …

Support for adult special needs children? 
Once your child is considered an adult are there resources available to them. Our daughter will soon be finished high School and is in Life Skills program. …

Bedbugs treatment covered by ODSP? 
i am trustee for my son with a disability who lives with me.....his room has been infested with bed bugs(only his room in the house) and i was quoted $900.00 …

special needs strollers 
Where in Ontario can I purchase a special needs stroller under $500? It seems they are all imports and cost over a thousand dollars! Are any of these strollers …

Funding for an accessible vehicle / conversion van 
We just got word that we will be getting funding from March of Dimes ($15,000) towards an accessible vehicle. However, because we have used President's …

Financial assistance for learning disabled child  
Hi, I live in Toronto. I have five kids,two of my kids were born deaf and my son has a learning disability. I want to send him to after school tutoring …

Funding for adult diapers? 
Is there funding for the purchase of adult diapers for the elderly? -------- Hi Barb. Great question! I do know that there is funding up until …

I was told there is no finacial help for ADHD / ODD/Developmental delays 
My son is 7, He Has ADHD/ODD and developmental delays. He is currently in a day treatment program to help with his issues. I talked to the social worker …

Alberta, I am guardian of grandson , who is diagnosed with ADHD Not rated yet
At first he has severe separation anxiety from me, I couldn't work had to stay home, now He is in grade 2 only 6.5 years old, He is also gifted. I'm …

How to I get financial assistance for chronic arthritis not able to work anymore? Not rated yet
Please help me locate the proper channels to get long term assistance from the government as I have chronic arthritis and cant work anymore?

Funding for adult day care? Not rated yet

day programing for high needs yound adult (21 and over) Not rated yet
My son will be 21 May 16, 2017. I've applied to the local work shop here in Elmsdale - corridor community options for adults. They told me to fill out …

Ipad funding..... Not rated yet
Is there funding available for an ipad for a child with autism living on Prince Edward Island?

Adaptive bike/ trike Not rated yet
Where in Ontario can I purchase a new or used dative bike or trike for a 10 year old...under $500? Everything on line is well over a grand, plus shipping? …

Mastering shoe laces Not rated yet
Children with fine motor skills really struggle with the dreaded laces. When they outgrow the velcro the pressure increases. I tie my son's laces every …

dental braces coverage for autistic child Not rated yet
My son is high functioning autistic with pdd He needs braces to fix the gaps in his teeth and surgery to help inpacted teeth come down Does anyone …

Supports for parents Not rated yet
Hi I am a parent of an 11 child who has been diagnosed with ADHD and severe ODD, has bad anxiety , emotional, and social problems. since she was 6 or …

ADHD funding questions Not rated yet
I am just qualified for my daughter who is very ADHD and also other behavior issues. I want to fill out this form for assistance for children with severe …

ODSP and Retroactive Child Disability Payments Not rated yet
Does ODSP claw back retroactive Child Disability Benefit payments?

ODSP and Retroactive Child Disability Payments Not rated yet
Does ODSP claw back retroactive Child Disability Benefit payments?

learning material - books - Tax deduction? Not rated yet
Can we claim the amount spent on learning material and books to assist in my son's mental and educational development? -- Note from Anna: Hi. …

ODSP Rent vs Board and Lodge Not rated yet
what is the difference between claiming "rent" or " board and lodge" when applying for ODSP? thanks

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Lack of SIN number to establish RDSP Not rated yet
Due to our immigration status, we are ineligible to apply for a SIN # for our child. (keeping it veeery simple here...) My husband has a SIN, as do …

adhd child Not rated yet
I am a single mom and my 9 year old son has ADHD. How could I get funding for his after school learning assistance?

So many programs that parents don't know about... Not rated yet
Hi there I have been "at this" business of finding resources for our special needs son for almost 10 years and I find that the absolute best resource …

Work for single parents of children with disabilities Not rated yet
I have four children, three with disabilities. My question is concerning my two youngest - 13 years with cerebral palsy and 16 years with PDDNOS (autism.) …

Ontario Works & Child Disability Benefit Not rated yet
Can Ontario Works deduct retroactive CDB payment? Do I need to claim this?

moving and odsp question Not rated yet
how does my friend go about moving from grey county to niagara region while on odsp and why does her worker need a reason for her to move

I had applied for the N.B.A benefit for persons living with a disability. Not rated yet
I applied for the N.B.A benefit for persons living with a disability. I will say I found this experience both traumatic and very frustrating. The …

Ideas for raging hormones? Not rated yet
My 14 year old son has absolutely raging hormones. We are having problems with him chasing the girls at school grabbing at people and calling out the …

Rubinstien Taybi Children Not rated yet
Does any one know if Rubinstien Taybi children age 14yrs have increased sleep avoidance and do they exhibit looping (where thought processes continue to …

funding for ADHD learning disorders? Not rated yet
My son was recently diagnosed with sever adhd, i would like to home school him so that he will get the attention needed. but is there some kind of government …

Disability Tax Credit Not rated yet
I would like to know the dollar amount you can claim each year as of 2011. Editor's Note: Hi Ron. This information is available as part of the …

Financial Assistance for our 11 month old child who was born with many issues Not rated yet
I have twin 11 month old girls and one was born with many issues, cleft lip and pallett, partial blindness, deaf, heart issues... Unfortunately her …

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