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When it comes to dealing with special needs, there is always something to learn. So we've started an Ask An Expert feature to help bring together people with special needs knowledge to people who need answers.

We'll start off with financial questions, since for most of us, it's the issue that is the most pressing. And, with so many rules and regulations, as well as opportunities for funding, it can quickly become complex.

Our first expert is Graeme Treeby, a co-founder of the Special Needs Planning Group, an organization that helps people consider long term financial planning issues.

Graeme not only brings his professional experience in dealing with money - he also has an adult daughter with cerebral palsy. So, he's been there, done that - and can speak from experience. Click here to learn more about Graeme Treeby

You can currently ask the expert questions around financial issues that affect Canadian families with special needs.

To ask your financial planning question, just fill out the question area below with as much detail as you can.

Graeme will review the questions and answer them online in the comment area for each question. That way we can all learn from the questions posed.


Before you ask your question, be sure to review the questions already posed by previous visitors.

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Do you have a question about financial planning for your special needs child?

Here's a chance to ask an expert, Graeme Treeby.

Just post your question about long-term financial planning, and he'll answer here as soon as he's able.

If you want to receive notice of his response in your email, be sure to provide your address on the confirmation page you get after you submit your question.

Ask away!

What Other Visitors Have Asked

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odsp maximum amount for someone living on their own 
Hi Graeme I recently watched a webcast for the P4P Planning Network`s ODSP Webcast where you explained how OSAP works with great detail. My brother …

Divorce and special needs children 
Hi, I have a 7 year old daughter with ASD and ADD. We are getting divorced and I was wondering if there is any thing I should be aware of in terms of laws …

guardianship of adult children  
I found out that in the U.S. parents of developmentally delayed children have to ask for guardianship of their children when they turn 18. Is there some …

ODSP and RDSP question 
Hi, My daughter just turned 18 and there is an existing rdsp in my name. Do I add her name to it as primary owner or should it be in her name only? …

ODSP and household income 
Can a person that is on odsp have someone living with them that make good money.

After a catastrophic brain injury accident to my brother-in-law who was a passenger in the car, the legal case has finally ended after 5 long years. …

Henson Trust 
About 10 years ago my husband and I did our wills with a law firm that I worked for at the time (they did it for free). They are a well known and …

Ontario works and the Child disability benefit 
Hi everyone, my sons doctor recently filled out the t2201 forms for him. The onset date is 2005. We are Ontario works recipients and I am wondering …

Additional payment for disabled child? 
I have recently filled out form 2201 for my son with Down Syndrome who is 5. I have received back CDB payment and back income tax due to the credit. …

Tax break on educational equipment. 
My child id being assessed for ADD or ADHD and fine motor delay. I have learned of a stand up desk that they are using in the states that is exhibiting …

Cost of a will 
Recently I asked for a ball park figure for the cost of a will to be drawn for our family. Answer back was $2000 - 2500.00. I was very surprised and …

ADHD and secondary education grants? 
My Daughter had ADHD all through school and now she is in her early twenties and enjoys learning, she would like to get some secondary education (I can …

re: disablity tax credit 
Hi Graeme My son is turning 18 January 26, 2011. I applied to the disability Tax Credit for him in 2000 (not exactly sure) but I didn't have to go for …

17 year old out of control son with ADD 
Hi my name is Daphne and I have ADD as well as my son Andrew. We live in Toronto and can't find either a Doctor or any financial help and Andrew is …

ADHD financial assistance 
My 10 year old son was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. I had tried him on medication reluctantly for 7 months and I found no benefits from it. In fact, I …

Funding for therapies and home care assistance 
Hi, I have a special need child. I was wondering if there is any aid provided for her speech therapy by any organization. Also since I and my wife work …

Henson trust and ODSP 
hello - I have known a married couple for many many years. Husband not on ODSP just CCP. wife on ODSP - Husbands mother 'passed' on recently and lawyer …

Financial Assistance for parents with autistic children? 
I have a 2 year old son who was diagnosed with severe autism as well as is global developmentally delayed. My time is consumed with running to appointment …

Funding for Down Syndrome? 
My son is Down Syndrome and I receive the Disability tax credit, however a friend of mine receives other funds for her child other than this for her daughter …

Budgeting with ODSP? 
I don't understand! I live in Peterborough. But I am on odsp and I want to move. So I would like to find out how much money I get monthly so I can …

Looking for funding of wheelchair accessible van 
I have a beautiful 16 year old daughter who has spina bifida and hydrocephalus. She obtained a van through Presidents Choice charity 3 years ago. Since …

Financial care for my asperger/adhd son about to be 18 Not rated yet
My son is turning 18 on January 7th 2017 , i live in the city of montreal(Dorval) province Quebec , My family allowance from both goverment has been terminated …

Can both parents (divorced) be joint guardians of a special needs adult child? Not rated yet
We have been divorced since 2013 and our 21 year old son with down syndrome lives with my ex of which I accepted. Recently she filed for sole guardianship …

Financial support from ex Not rated yet
Hi there My daughter has been chronically ill for 5+ years POTS/Lyme. The financial cost of supporting her has put me in a precarious position. Is there …

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Guardianship of adult child? Not rated yet
I was wondering if I absolutely need a lawyer to get guardianship of my 18 yr. son with severe complex needs in Ontario?

disability tax credit Not rated yet
Hi, Can you recommend or do you offer a service to help apply for the tax credit? Thank Nick Lavorato

Respite startup venture Not rated yet
I am a Developmental Services Worker and also have a son with exceptionalities, my husband and I want to start a respite Center including a day program. …

How to get Power of Attorney  Not rated yet
I would like some advise on how to get Power of Attorney for my severely Mentally disbled sister. She is living in a group home with full care. Is this …

Financial assistance for Child suffering from a rare disease with no name ... Chromosome 1q43q44 Not rated yet
Last Tuesday, at 4:47 p.m, I resuscitated my 2 year old daughter in the living room next to her 4 year old brother. I felt powerless against the disease …

odsp Not rated yet
I am in the process of filling out my daughters odsp forms, since she will be turning 18 in June. I'm not to sure of how to do this ,since I am her …

Adult A.D.D. Not rated yet
I was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder last year. I am 25 years old and I was having difficulty concentrating in school. Is there any kind of …

What can disability funds be used for? Not rated yet
My niece has sever down syndrome, and my sister receives government funding for her to have special care at home. Neither her nor her husband work, and …

What can disability funds be used for? Not rated yet
My niece has sever down syndrome, and my sister receives government funding for her to have special care at home. Neither her nor her husband work, and …

Guardianship or Power of Attorney
when Leaving our nest?
 Not rated yet
Our developmentally delayed adult daughter is 24 with a mental age of approximately 6. We are getting ready for her to begin exploring whether she …

ODSP eye wear fund. Not rated yet
13 months ago I was approved for ODSP, being transferred from Ontario Works. I completed an eye exam 2 years ago and was approved for the eye wear fund …

financial support for down syndrome to a low income family Not rated yet
Hi Graeme, I'm a mom of 3 , ages 17(to be in Uni this Fall), 15 & 8, my youngest being down syndrome.I don't work (only my hubby) cuz i have to take …

Tax advice for parents with two ASD boys Not rated yet
I have two boys ages 6 and 2. Both children have been diagnosed with ASD, the youngest just a few weeks ago. I have some questions about income tax options. …

Special Needs Child, Maternity leave ending Not rated yet
Hello, we have a 15 month old daughter with Down's Syndrome. She has issues with her breathing and requires to be connected to a oxygen saturation monitor …

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