ADHD Financial assistance?

by emel kara
(burlington,on canada)


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Aug 01, 2017
A Canadian living abroad with an ADHD son NEW
by: Anonymous

I am a single Canadian mother living in Japan, my 7 year old son has ADHD and as much as I want to return home at the age of 51 do no know how in the first 6 months we would survive over there. As a non-resident it takes 6 months to get on any social program and a year after that before we could get any government help for my ADHD son.

Any ideas??? My son's ADHD is effecting my health and a very serious way and so any advice would be very much appreciated.

Sep 04, 2014
ADHD and Equine Therapy
by: Anonymous

My 6 (almost 7 year old) daughter was diagnosed by the school board psychologist last June (even though my doctor has said it since she was 2) with ADHD, this causes her to have a learning disability and lack of social skills. She also has anxiety. I don't know too much about ODD but just having read what the acronym stands for I wouldn't be surprised if she is that as well. She is very destructive and can't be left a lone for any period of time. She has difficulties making friends as her social skills aren't good and she doesn't really ever play with other children. She also gets bullied a lot at school. We had to remove her from gymnastics because she just simply couldn't pay attention and wasn't listening and the instructors didn't know how or did not want to deal with her. Back in June shortly after she was diagnosed I started her in horse back riding lessons which seems to be the only thing she focus on and is passionate about. I knew that as a child it helped me very much therapeutically and it is doing wonders for her. I would like to buy her a pony as a "friend" since she has none however keeping up with the costs is very expensive . How can I get funding to help keep her in this? It is also wonderful for me as I have no one in my family who will ever watch her because of her behavior so I never get a break. Although I am with her at all times around horses she is much calmer and focused when around them.

Nov 23, 2013
by: Anonymous

Hi there, just wondering about this. My son has moderate ADHD and cap, do you know if he would qualify?

Apr 16, 2013
still looking
by: Allison

my son is diagnosed with adhd/odd and there is a problem with trying to get art/drawing classes for him i cant find them anywhere in edmonton under the low-income program, could i get these classes funded by goverment? My son is starting high school could i get a computer(for school) funded thru disability? If anyone could answer these questions or put me in contact with someone who coould, id appreciate

Feb 24, 2013
Adult ADHD
by: Anonymous

As a parent of an adult with adhd, he is 25, can I still go back and claim the disability? Is/can he qualify for disability? He rarely leaves the house and getting to doctor or dentist is very hard. I do think he has an anxiety disorder that started after highschool. He used to be involved in so much sports but that all came to an end after school was finished. He never did graduate which makes it hard for him to work. Any suggestions or help. Thanks

Feb 16, 2013
by: Anonymous

For the 1st comment, of the girl who's child was diagnosed when she was an infant, now she is 16, the tax Bennifit is retroactive I've seen a woman get 31,600$ in retro active pay for her child! So I'd look into this if I were you! I've also seen 20,500$ retro active pay!

Nov 25, 2010
Is it too late now
by: Anonymous

I wished that someone had mentioned this to me 12 years ago. my daughter was 4 when she was diagnosed. My daughter is now 16 and still suffers from ADHD and ODD. She's run away taken off in the middle of the night. Can't focus at school, since she was 6 or 7 all her classes have been altered for her. One class she does very well in is Art. My doctor has never mentioned this nor Childrens mental health. For 12 years i was a very young single mother on Welfare on my own and no one one ever helped me. The money would have helped with medication and therapy and possibly a teachers aid for her. All through public school i kept asking her my daughter to get counseling and a teachers aid to help her..never anything. Then high school the same thing they don't seem to care. the only time i was getting calls from them is when jaime would cause problems, take off from school, or be wondering around the school during her classes. they couldn't help me..

Jun 16, 2010
by: Dan

I am looking for advice about people with ADD, ADHD and other disorders. I am a professional Animator and have been teaching animation classes. Recently I have been teaching a young man who has ADHD. The results have been surprising as he has a very sharp focus and attention to his work. Animation has a very regimented process that seems to suit him. During his first few classes he tended to stand up an pace around as he tried to think of what he would draw. Now he sits and draws on the computer through the whole class (2 hours) without a break. I realize that people with ADHD can have a a sharp focus. The difference here is that he is producing something of value and it is a means of expression. His mother uses his class as a respite because the demands of taking care of him quite tiring. She is "getting on in years". I have to imagine that there are many other people in a similar situation; one person needing activity and another needing rest.
I would like to do more classes like this, so I was wondering if you had any advice on how I could get in contact with more people in this situation, who would like to take classes in Animation, Cartooning, Comics or other Drawing & Painting. I prefer to teach individually as it avoids distraction.
Thank you for your time.
Best regards
Dan Craig

Apr 09, 2010
by: Anonymous

My son is 17 now I wish I knew these things a few yrs ago

Oct 17, 2009
YES He Is Entitled To Disability Benefits for ADHD
by: Anonymous

If your son has been placed in a special class, has been required to be placed in residence care for respite or to get his ADHD under control and or also suffers from ODD (oppositional defiance disorder) you are entitled to the Disability tax credit.

There is an additional $200 a month (depending on your income) added to the child tax credit AND you can transfer his disability amount to you to releive you of federal and provincal taxes.

There is also child ODSP called ACSD Assistance for children with severe disabilities. They pay up to $400 per month depending on the severity. But if you have had reccomendations to ensure your child is enrolled in high activity sports you will qualify for this program. He will be given his own dental and drug card also.

There are more programs out there for children with ADHD/ODD and it is a matter of time before someone calls and complains that no one is being made aware of them.

I hope this helps you.

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