Issue # 4, April 2011

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Tax Tips Guide for people with disabilities and their families

Here's a nice freebie for you...

Your tax tips guide for 2010 tax year

Click on the above link to get this year's Tax Tips Guide from Graeme Treeby, co-founder of the Special Needs Planning Group.

He has produced an invaluable guide to help people ensure that they get all the credits and refunds that they are entitled to.

This year the guide is 17 pages long - jam pack full of great information.


p.s. Sorry for the lateness of the report. I just discovered that an update of the guide that I input earlier only worked for new sign-ups of the newsletter - existing newsletter signups didn't get it earlier... So here it is!

Did You Know...

You can ask financial planning expert Graeme Treeby about long term financial planning for your child with special needs? It's not as cut and dried as you may think....

Pick Graeme's brain, (for free!) here:

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