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Ask an Expert feature launches!

I'm thrilled to announce the launch of a new feature on the website....

With the new Ask an Expert feature, you'll be able to pose questions to recognized experts in the field.

The very first expert is Graeme Treeby, a co-founder of The Special Needs Planning Group - an organization that has been helping families for years.

Graeme specializes in helping people with long-term financial planning issues, and is very familiar with both Henson Trusts and the new RDSP. (Click to read more about Graeme here)

In fact, you may remember seeing a big picture of Graeme and his daughter Jenna (who has cerebral palsy) in the Toronto Star recently. The Star ran a feature story on the RDSP, and Graeme was the main expert there too.

Now you can ask your questions about disability and finances to Graeme directly.

Graeme will be notified of your question as soon as it's published (I review everything first), and then he'll respond to each question online as soon as he's able. That way, over time, we'll be building a resource for special needs families right across Canada.

If you want to be notified by email when Graeme responds, all you need to do is supply your email on the confirmation page after you submit your question. Don't worry, it's not published, traded or used in any fashion other than to send you the information you request.

So, be sure to bookmark this page:

And spread the word!

Did You Know...

Reminder: Very soon there is a Conference on Inclusive Education taking place in Toronto.

This conference will gather together teaching professionals, individuals with disabilities and family members to look at ways to promote inclusive education.

The conference is title "From Rhetoric to Reality" which gives you a good idea of their intent.

If you are free to go, get more information here:
Conference on Inclusive Education

Helpful Websites

Visit my other websites related to special needs for more helpful information and products...

Coming Soon...

I've got a lot of great things planned for the site this year.

The first, of course, is today's launch of the Ask an Expert feature. I'm looking to add more experts over time too. Please let me know if you have specific topics you would like to see covered, or if you want to recommend an expert (or be one!)

Come March, the 2009 Disability Tax Tips information will be available to newsletter subscribers. Watch future issues for more information.

You'll also see site design change, allowing you to find information more quickly.

Lots more to come... stay tuned...

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