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Disability Tax Tips Guide 2014 Tax Year - Special Need Child Canada Special Issue Newsletter
March 04, 2015

Special Issue

In Today's Issue of Special Needs Canada News


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Free 2014 Disability Tax Tips Guide

Here's a nice freebie for you...

Free Tax Tips Guide

This tax tip guide will make it easy for you to figure out all of the income tax deductions and other disability related tax information you need - including how to get refunds for previous tax years.

The guide has been prepared by Graeme Treeby of the Special Needs Planning Group.

To read the guide online, go here:

To download a copy, just right click on the above link or image, and choose "Save As" (for Windows PC) or File (for Mac PC's)


Did You Know...

You can ask financial planning expert Graeme Treeby about long term financial planning for your child with special needs? It's not as cut and dried as you may think....

Pick Graeme's brain, (for free!) here:

Helpful Websites

Visit my other websites related to special needs for more helpful information and products...

Money Making Tip

Trying to figure out how to make more money? You may want to consider creating a web-based business. It will allow you to work at the times that work for you - and give you an additional source of income.

And, it works! Here's what I use:

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